Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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Why Organizations Choose Cloudistics

Organizations that choose Cloudistics value agility, innovation, infrastructure elasticity, and simplified IT service delivery. They need a new way to accelerate their business while cutting operational expenses. In short, they are sick of the status quo. Are you ready to step beyond legacy infrastructures or legacy clouds? Then Cloudistics is right for you.

By choosing Cloudistics, our customers tell us they:

Reduced operational cost and provisioning time by 60+%

Reduced training and specialist costs by 40%

Defeat the IT Skills Gap — No Specialists Needed

Deliver new applications in minutes instead of days

Save 30-60% vs competitive offerings

Enjoy compelling TCO advantages

Experience unprecedented ROI

Have groundbreaking hands-on support in seconds

“We set out to provide organizations with the experience of and ease of use of the public cloud, but within their data center, where data is secure and costs are more predictable. What our customers gain is a revolutionary & transformative way to deliver IT services to their organization and positive effects on profitability, innovation and competitiveness.”Naj Husain, CEO

The problems we solve

Fundamentally, Cloudistics offers a visionary path forward. We transform the way organizations like yours deliver IT services. Ready to break away from the limitations of legacy converged or hyper-converged architectures? Choose a cloud-centric delivery model that offers efficiencies others can’t match.

We designed our private cloud to align with our customers' requirements. Our customers want to:

“Deploy applications faster, breaking the siloed and ticket system approach to IT service delivery.”

“Stop managing hardware.”

“Have amazing support that understands the importance of their business.”

“Have a platform that an IT generalist can run.”

“Stop paying for add-ons, they need something all-inclusive.”

A platform created with service providers in mind.

Cloudistics Cloud Platform is the right fit for any service-oriented organization. Beyond schools, universities, public institutions, and typical businesses, we help managed or application service providers to build cloud services for their clients on Cloudistics.

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Cloudistics for MSPs


Cloudistics had the benefit of hindsight. We experienced the public cloud, we tried do-it-your clouds and we found that costs and complexity kept us stuck with traditional virtualization platforms that were frustratingly limited, but fit within our budgets.

There had to be a better way. We looked at every other cloud and said, “If they could do it all over again, what would they change?” That was the basis for the design of the Cloudistics Cloud Platform. Like Tesla TM, who reinvented the car, at Cloudistics, we reinvented the cloud.

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“The knowledge transfer (to learn Cloudistics) took 1 hour, the result was we had time to focus on being innovative and spend less time managing our platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“I’m able to do what I did before more efficiently in less time.”

IT Director—Leading Healthcare Research Institute

“Cloudistics provided us with a simple-to-use and secure platform that gave us the best of public cloud with control over our data.”

John Halseth, Manager, IT for Atlanta Hawks

“It takes me 60% less time to provision new workloads as compared to my old virtualization platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“The Cloudistics solution was one-third the cost of the competitive bid and delivered operational value from day one.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“You make migrating my VMs easy (with a free tool), enough said!”

IT Director—Leading Healthcare Research Institute

“It takes me 60% less time to provision new workloads as compared to my old virtualization platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX


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