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WEBINAR: The 7 Barriers To Successful Cloud Adoption And Digital Transformation

Practically everyone accepts that much like virtualization, cloud is here to stay, the question is how to “get there” efficiently and effectively, what is the right method to achieving successful cloud adoption and digital transformation for your organization? Up to 70% of digital transformation projects fail or fail to achieve the desired beneficial outcomes. Why is that? What do all cloud models and digital transformation projects have in common? The need to provide a premium experience to administrators, developers, tenants and end-users. but that can only truly be achieved once all of the barriers to cloud adoption are overcome successfully.

So, what IS the “right path?” Is it a do-it-yourself DIY, a certified reference architecture, a cloud appliance, a platform, and what software should it be based off of? Should you use public or private cloud, or perhaps a hybrid model? And then should it be based largely on AWS, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack, VMware, IBM/RedHat, perhaps Oracle or maybe an open-source based cloud?

The truth is, there is no “wrong answer” in fact, according to much of the industry analyst research many organizations have adopted a multi-cloud strategy and are using a minimum of two and an average of four different clouds to support all of their applications and satisfy the need for public, private and hybrid models, mobile and disconnected scenarios, and meet geo-dependent regulatory compliance.

So where to start?

In the first of a series of Cloudistics webinars we will start at the very beginning and take you through the following;

  • The Cloud Journey
  • Why Cloud? (The advantages and considerations)
  • The 7 Barriers to Successful Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation
  • The Different Cloud Models (including one you may have never heard of)
  • Our Cloud Journey to a “Customer Inspired Cloud”
  • What Is a Premium Cloud Experience?

And much more.

Sign up for this informative webinar on the “7 Barriers to Successful Cloud Adoption and Digital Transformation” to learn how to overcome these barriers to ensure a successful digital transformation.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions about the 7 Barriers, and what to consider when selecting a cloud model, developing a cloud strategy and achieving a true digital transformation through the delivery of a premium experience to administrators, developers, tenants and end-users.

WHEN? Nov. 29th from 2PM-3PM EST

Sign up now, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

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