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VMworld, A Bright Idea, A Single SKU, And Modernizing The Data Center

There’s a simple fact in the world of IT today. We’re all riding on the shoulders of VMware™.

Yes, of course virtualization existed before VMware. But VMware brought it to x86, drove widespread adoption, built an ecosystem around it, and transformed the way we did IT. They rethought IT. There is no way to overlook that, and no way to overlook that we thrive in a world that exists largely because VMware had a very bright idea.

We think VMware is so inspiring, particularly in their original commitment to rethinking IT. Like VMware, Cloudistics exists to shatter the status quo, going above and beyond what organizations have come to expect. Unlike everyone else, we’re rethinking the limits of IT with a premium private cloud experience.

And now that we’re coming around to another VMworld, it’s worth understanding that we’re rethinking the limits of IT in a very different way than VMware.

One of the problems with any long-standing technology, VMware included, is all the complicated pieces and parts that start appearing as part of the portfolio. Back in the day, when VMware was reinventing IT, it was just ESX®. Nowadays, VMware comes as Cloud Foundation™ and vSphere® and NSX® and Site Recovery Manager™, vSAN™ and vRealize Suite™ and vCloud® NFV™, Pulse™ IoT Center, Workspace ONE® and Horizon® and gosh knows what else. It’s a big portfolio, a versatile portfolio – but with versatility comes massive complexity, hundreds of SKUs or part numbers – and costs to match.

VMware, like other incumbents, tries to take their oldest technology and bolt on new features, functions, and capabilities. For some organizations, that’s okay. But not everyone needs the old technologies to do new things, not everyone values all the bells and whistles VMware has to offer, and not everyone wants the complexity that comes with a business model built upon add-on capabilities, licensing that’s hard to swallow, and an approach that’s so complicated it needs certified specialists just to stay up and running.

Sometimes, an organization just wants simplicity. They want all the capabilities as an integrated platform, not as a massive collection of parts and licenses. They want a platform that can be managed by an IT generalist.

And that want to rethink IT in a way that delivers compelling value.

That’s what Cloudistics offers. Like VMware, we had a bright idea. Unlike VMware, our idea was to deliver a private cloud platform that’s all-inclusive, delivers full self-service automation, a software defined infrastructure, and built-in data protection without add-ons, bolt-ons, added licenses or specialist skills. And we’ve found that organizations that want to modernize their data centers are ready to step toward what we offer. They’re cobbled together platforms and solutions for years, or decades, and know too well all the pain points, limitations, restrictions and costs that come from their old approaches. They’re trapped in a world with too many licenses, too many software packages, and too many administrators managing too many moving parts.

Many organizations just want a fresh start from a vendor that’s only interested in making IT simple. And there’s something to be said for choosing a vendor that has a singular focus, a bright idea, much as VMware did 15 years ago. That’s why Cloudistics is an up-and-coming, award winning premium private cloud platform. We help organizations modernize their data centers with a simple, agile, transformative approach to IT that comes in a single turnkey solution, with a single SKU.

What can Cloudistics deliver in an all-inclusive platform??

  • A fully-composable software defined private cloud platform – with virtualization, software defined networking and storage, support for containers, and much more included for free!
  • A premium implementation, deployment, operation, maintenance and support experience.
  • A way to manage all hardware, software, applications and data protection from a single web console.
  • Self-service workload provisioning so your developers and users can get the resources they need without manual intervention.
  • Automated application resource orchestration and optimization – composes all the hardware resources needed and adds or removes resources as needed over time.
  • Application Marketplace gives you dozens of application templates at your fingertips and enables rapid deployment of NEW apps and services in minutes.
  • Offers limitless independent scale of network, storage and compute resources without hard limits or licensing constraints.
  • Includes proactive, seamless patch and update for hardware and software without reboots.
  • EarlyInsight premium support – diagnoses your problems and automatically opens trouble tickets, gives you single contact chat, email and phone support at a click.
  • Built-in, no cost data protection, High-Availability, Disaster Recovery and Security.
  • Finally, we guarantee, it’s so easy an IT Generalist can administer it.

Private cloud without a thousand part numbers. How does that sound?

To learn more, explore our user interface, and see the promise of Cloudistics in action, visit us at We promise to help you take our bright idea, and make a fresh start.

© 2018. All rights reserved. Cloudistics is a trademark of Cloudistics, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective holders.

Dan Mroz

VP of Worldwide Marketing

Over the past 20 years, Dan has had the opportunity to hold several diverse positions within the IT industry. Prior to joining Cloudistics, he was part of an incubation team at Lenovo, which launched new hyper-converged products. He developed channel and enablement strategies while contributing to marketing and messaging efforts. Prior to Lenovo, Dan held positions in sales and engineering at Dell-EMC. Dan was engineer of the year in 2012 and 2014.

Dan has held IT leadership and instructor positions at the Pennsylvania State University where he led technology strategy, instructional design, and numerous strategic projects.

Dan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and co-founded a web development, hosting, and consulting company. He has led marketing, recruitment, and IT operations of multiple organizations in the healthcare, technology, and financial segments.

Dan earned two undergraduate degrees from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and his MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

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