The 4th generation IT infrastructure

What is Superconverged?

Superconverged is a 4th generation IT infrastructure after Siloed, Converged and Hyperconverged that is explicitly designed to be the easiest to use on-premise cloud platform.


Superconverged systems:

  • Tightly integrate server, storage, networking, virtualization, application-centric management and an application marketplace to create a platform that includes everything needed to run applications out of the box.
  • Virtualize everything – compute, storage and networking.
  • Allow each of these three resources to scale easily and independently of each other.
  • Employ a single unified cloud-based controller to manage the entire infrastructure from one console.


What makes Superconverged different?

Superconverged systems differ from hyperconverged systems (HCI) in 4 key ways:

Superconverged systems include networking and network virtualization. They make network management very simple. They also provide application-level micro-segmentation.

Superconverged systems are managed from the cloud and don’t need additional set-up and cost of on-premise management servers.

Superconverged systems allow independent scaling of compute, storage and networking. So, they support a wider diversity of workloads.

Superconverged systems include an application marketplace that allows for 5 click deploy of complex enterprise applications – analogous to an App store on the iPhone.



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