Considering moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud? Wondering if private cloud costs more or less than public cloud costs?
Let us create a custom comparison to show you how the Cloudistics On-Premises cloud platform compares to AWS.

The Cloudistics platform is roughly 1/5th the cost of AWS and has superior performance, SLAs, and security.

Amazon AWS
On-Premises Cloud
# of VMs 200 200
Typical VM Compute Profile
Instance Profile c4.large ACME c4.large
vCPU cores 2 vCPU 2 vCPU
RAM 3.7 GB 3.7 GB
Typical VM Storage Profile
Storage per instance (GB) 300 GB 300 GB
IOPS per instance 2,000 IOPS 2,000 IOPS
Daily Exchange Rate 1.0% 1.0%
Monthly Cost for 200 VMs $ 61,016 $ 11,169
Annual Savings $ 598,164
On-Premises cloud pays for itself in 5.8 months
Assumptions: Monthly:
Power/VM $ 0.54
Cooling is 30% of power 0.162
Management time per node/week in hours 1 hr


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