Private Clouds for Healthcare IT Teams Provides the Performance Needed without Performance or Price Surprises


The healthcare industry is undergoing a substantial growth with an increased demand for services, due to increasing aging populations, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and the rise in the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). To address this evolving situation, healthcare IT professionals need scalable and low-cost infrastructure platforms to equip for future demands.

Six Major IT Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Keeping track of the latest IT trends is essential to predict your IT expenses and to ensure that your organization keeps a competitive edge. How does your IT stack up against the six major trends dominating the IT scene in 2017?

Reaping Public Cloud Benefits Even When You Can’t Move Everything to the Cloud

On This Webinar Event You’ll:
– Discover how to bring public cloud benefits to your local workloads
– Learn how you can replace traditional data center cost and complexity with affordability and simplicity
– Discover how “composable infrastructure” goes beyond hyperconverged
– Find out what pros and cons there are to public cloud adoption and why on-premises still wins the day

Top Five Current Private Cloud Trends

Businesses can no longer afford the luxury of manually configured and operated legacy datacenters, which consume both time and human resources – the software defined datacenter (SDDC) is the new enterprise private cloud of today. Modern private cloud operations are expected to have software-defined everything: complete network, storage and server virtualization

Join Cloudistics Team this June in NYC at CloudExpo 2017

Automation is enabling enterprises to design, deploy, and manage more complex, hybrid cloud environments. Yet the people who manage these environments must be trained in and understand these environments better than ever before. A new era of analytics and cognitive computing is adding intelligence, but also more complexity, to these cloud environments. How smart is your cloud? How smart should it be?

What is Cloudistics?

Think about Cloudistics like Amazon Web Services BUT on premises. We offer a new application-centric infrastructure model. It combines the simplicity, elastic scaling and pay as you grow economics of the public cloud with the predictable performance, predictable costs and control of applications and data of on-premises infrastructure. All of this in one plug and play platform.

VIDEO: Why Cloudistics vs. the Cloud

The most advanced IT infrastructure today is the cloud. It makes your business a lot more agile and a lot easier to manage. There’s a big problem with the cloud though. It’s a public cloud platform which means: you have limited control of your apps and data, causing security concerns.
But now things are different. Because there’s a software company that has reinvented how businesses consume on-premises computing: Cloudistics.

Meet Cloudistics at SynerComm’s 15th Bi-Annual IT Conference at Historic Lambeau Field

The Future of Compute, Storage, and Network Data Center Infrastructures. This presentation by Dr. Jai Menon, IBM Fellow and Dell CTO Emeritus will discuss emerging trends for compute, storage, and network data center infrastructures as they evolve and incorporate new disruptive technologies to better meet your business needs. The pros and cons of both on-premise and cloud infrastructures will be discussed.
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