Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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Is your organization ready for Digital Transformation? If so, you may be considering leveraging leading-edge technology to:

  • Streamline your operation
  • Align more tightly to business goals
  • Gain additional value
  • Increase IT agility

Most organizations—just to keep up and to achieve those goals—are turning to public cloud providers. The public cloud providers will tell you that moving to the public cloud allows you to execute quickly, focus on applications and gain additional value. You’ll also cut on-premises infrastructure and retool staff—offering even more potential for increased value.

But there’s a problem: The promise of the public cloud doesn’t always measure up. What many enterprises don’t anticipate are the actual and ancillary costs of pushing all their workloads to the public cloud. Many organizations discover six-figure monthly cloud bills and ask, “How am I supposed to gain value with such overwhelming OpEx?” That’s why 53% of enterprises surveyed by IDC are reconsidering their adoption of the public cloud.

Why are organizations considering cloud repatriation? While some workloads are ready for the public cloud, others ought to remain on-premises because of costs, poor support, bandwidth, data governance, and control. Increasingly, organizations are bringing some workloads back on-premises; in effect adopting a multi-cloud, hybrid IT strategy.

The search then begins for a public cloud-like, on-premises experience. Do you go back to a traditional architecture, consider hyper-converged or roll out a do-it-yourself private cloud? Is it even possible to have the simplicity of the public cloud, but behind your firewall?

It is. Cloudistics delivers just that—a public cloud-like experience in your datacenter that offers a premium experience with support the public cloud just can’t match.

Why Cloudistics?

Cloudistics is a cloud software appliance that gives you total control over your business applications. It automatically composes the hardware to fit your needs: You can suddenly have a platform to drive revenue, support operations, and accelerate application development. And to make it better, it’s pre-configured for you in the factory, it doesn’t require additional licenses, and it comes with built-in, multi-site business continuity and disaster recovery.

Instead of managing your on-premise infrastructure with multiple tools, you’ll control the entire platform via an HTML5-based SaaS (Software as a Service) web portal. Hosted in the cloud, it reduces management overhead, ensuring that nearly all of the platform’s compute, networking, and storage resources are devoted to your business requirements.

To further simplify and focus on your business applications, Cloudistics delivers an integrated application marketplace hosted within the portal. The application marketplace allows administrators and users alike to launch new operating system instances and application images as needed for test, dev, or production deployment.

  1. Applications hosted within the portal are generated by either Cloudistics or in conjunction with the enterprise software manufacturer.
  2. The templates are hardened and tuned to operate optimally on the platform and are updated continuously.
  3. Windows, Linux, Splunk, Docker, and Kubernetes are just a few of the applications available for immediate deployment.
  4. Customers are also able to publish private templates to the marketplace for use within their environments.

Imagine choosing an enterprise application and deploying it in five minutes or less, similarly to the process of deploying an application on your smartphone. And, with our EarlySense support, if you have any issues, they be addressed in seconds instead of minutes or hours. Simply click on the support icon within the portal and an engineer will be on the case immediately.

Watch our video to see how the Cloudistics platform delivers enterprise applications in under 5 minutes.

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