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Can you succeed with legacy application delivery?

Defeat the manual & siloed ticketing systems approach that creates delays and frustrations within your organization. Your legacy systems stall business innovation, time to market & competitive advantage. Reduce friction within your organization and make everyone happier with accelerated applications deployment.

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Taking weeks to deploy new applications?

Cloudistics built a better way. We supply the resources automatically as the application is built. Deliver applications in seconds. Enable self-service provisioning and unlock the power of the private cloud. Stop the frustrations of manual, siloed IT.


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Key Feature 1:
Application Marketplace

  • Curated collection of enterprise applications
  • Supports private template collections
  • Innovate & deliver to market quicker
  • Reduce risk & tighten security controls
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Key Feature 2:

  • Enable decentralized IT service provisioning
  • Multitenant – Segment departmental access
  • Minimize shadow IT
  • Support agile DevOps methodologies
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Key Feature 3:
Independent Hardware Scaling

  • Scale network, compute, and storage independently
  • No resource drift or stranded capacity
  • Benefit from just-in-time scaling
  • Added expansions available in seconds
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Key Feature 4:
Improved Financial & Operational Benefits

  • Reduce risk & human error through automation
  • Accelerate time to market & value
  • Cut the costs and risk associated with shadow IT
  • Reduce your TCO while accelerating your ROI

“Cloudistics fundamentally transformed the way we deliver IT resources to our organization.”

“You make migrating my VMs easy (with a free tool), enough said!”

“The knowledge transfer (to learn Cloudistics) took 1 hour, the result was we had time to focus on being innovative and spend less time managing our platform.”



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