Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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Storage Deployments

Enterprise storage, enterprise reliability.

software defined

Cloudistics software-defined storage deployments simplify storage management and delivery while maintaining enterprise features and requirements. Performance, resiliency, and efficiency are maximized in a simplistic approach with the idea of tiering based on application requirements being delivered through software-controlled parameters and federated resources.


The Cloudistics platform delivers physical storage in a scale up and scale out architecture, with redundancies for high availability, data footprint efficiency, and data protection built in. Storage deployments start with the concept of a Storage Pool, which is a logical allocation of virtual storage that consists of redundant storage controllers, and 1 “data pack” of 8 SSD drives. From the initial footprint, Storage Pools can be scaled up by adding ‘Data Packs’ with a maximum of 460TB logically deployed under one set of controllers. Storage Pools can also be scaled out, by federating another set of controllers into the Storage Pool, netting double in deployable performance to the resources utilizing the Storage Pool. Cloudistics Storage Pools can be scaled up and out in this fashion to a maximum logical size of 2.3PB. The scale-out performance peaks at 1.25m iops, and 25GB of throughput per Migration Zone. To scale physical storage resources, simply connect the hardware, and Cloudistics software does the rest to place it into the allocated logical Storage Pool.

composable & dynamic

Storage deployments are orchestrated with the deployment of application resources based on the size of virtual disks, the number of virtual disks and performance requirements. Simply assign the required amount of space, number of disks, which Storage Pool to assign them to and performance requirements based on IOPS and/or throughput, and storage is fully managed from our cloud controller thereafter. To add additional virtual disks, expand an existing virtual disk, clone and attach a virtual disk, setup snapshots, set up disaster recovery storage and retention, revert previous versions of a virtual disk or remove a virtual disk, simply use the Cloud Controller to make any of those administrative functions. Cloudistics rest API also supports the automation of any of these functions, to help modernize the data center and support dev ops and development efforts to be more agile and efficient.

performance optimized

Cloudistics does not use tiering but gains the advantages of tiering through the use of multiple efficiency options within the physical layer of the storage. Deploying the proper architecture is as simple as understanding the IOPs, throughput and size requirements. Based on these requirements, storage blocks are built from standard controllers, enterprise controllers or performance optimized controllers and disk sets.

rich analytics

Storage Pools have a robust reporting on performance and utilization, allowing proper capacity planning for both performance and footprint. Adding resources is as easy as plugging them in, and then allocating them to the proper Storage Pool, or creating a new Storage Pool. Dissimilar hardware options can be leveraged under the same Storage Pool, so if the requirements change in the future they can be met easily with a plug and play approach to meet the requirements.


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