Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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Software features

Cloudistics Ultimate Edition is full-featured and certified on the Cloudistics-certified hardware.

Cloudistics Cloud Platform is
all-inclusive and feature-rich

We offer one product with an amazing feature set, without additional fees for tools and add-on features are delivered free from our Application Marketplace. This allows organizations to procure a full-featured composable cloud without the need to spend more money to add bolt-on tools to gain needed functionality We include the hypervisor, backup & disaster recovery capabilities, native encryption-at-rest and many other features. The more complete list of our software capabilities are list below.

Graphic of a monitor display the Cloud Controller interface with systems analytics.

Core Platform


Includes all software and hardware for private cloud
Automatic updates of all components
SaaS Management Portal with Centraized control
Connects into any datacenter securely
Independent scaling of storage
Independent scaling of compute

Enterprise Storage

VM-centric Snapshots
Clone and Attach
Inline Compression
Inline Performance Deduplication
Disk IO Throttling
Online Grow
File and Block
Performance Optimized Block (Optional)
Infrastructure Resilience
Data Path Redundancy
Storage Controller Redundancy
Network Redundancy

Data Protection and Backup

Disaster Recovery with Async Replication (15-minute RTO)
Application Consistent Snapshots
Local Snapshots
Self-service restore
Granular retention policies up to 7 years
Multiple Site DR
Multi-factor Authentication
Data-at-Rest Encryption (SED)
Native KMS

Built-In Virtualization

VM Management
Live migration
Intelligent VM Placement
Virtual Network Configuration
CPU and memory hot plug
VM high availability
VM Affinity rules with categories and tags
Maintenance Mode

Built-in Network Virtualization

Layer 3 virtual networking
Software firewalls
VLAN Support
Up to 64 virtual vNICs per VM
Multiple IP’s per vNIC
NFV functions
Support 3rd party load balancers
Secure Microsegmentation
Platform Services
Live Migrations from VMware
Chargeback and metering
Resource Management
Multi-site management
Virtual Datacenter logical partitioning management
Virtual datacenters that span sites
Migration Zone physical partitioning management
Migration zones that span sites
Storage pools
Virtual network management
VM Management
Application visualization
Storage Management
Network Management
Compute Management
Hardware visualization
Oversubscriptions for storage/compute/memory

Application Management

One-click application deployments
Global application marketplace with published enterprise apps
Local application marketplace with published enterprise apps
Custom application templates
Import applications

User Management

Roll based access control
Add/delete unlimited number of users by organization
Access control for infrastructure admins
Access control for virtual data center admins

EarlyInsight™ Support

Proactive Monitoring Service  of hardware and applications
24×7 support availability
Support mode for real-time assistance


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