Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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Cloud Controller

Simple management, rich analytics and one-click application deployments


The cloud controller orchestrates all of your Cloudistics sites, applications,
application deployments, storage, compute, network and Virtualization deployments all from 1 console

Infrastructure Management

Manage Cloudistics from anywhere without touching the hardware, eliminating trips to the datacenter. Since everything is software-defined, all of the components from the application to the hardware are accessible remotely by the cloud controller.

Non-disruptive Upgrades

Automatically maintains the best recipe of underlying software automatically, without disruption and risk of mismatched updates causing downtime.

Premium EarlyInsight™ Support

Proactive monitoring discovers problems before you do and integrated access to engineers lets your admin engage with our support organization in seconds.

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Simple Scaling

Simple scaling by sliding in a new component, Cloudistics automatically detects new hardware and allocates the new resources to the resource pools ready for use, all in minutes.

Multi-site Management

Manage multiple sites through one pane of glass and makes setting up a DR retention policy as easy as clicking a button to set the policy and protect the application.

Self Service

Create new customer environments in minutes. With built-in multi-tenancy, each customer can have its own set of resources on the platform that is completely isolated and secure from other tenants

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Storage Management

Always-on thin provisioned software-defined storage is highly available with redundancy throughout. No management is needed beyond the storage allocations and managing the physical utilization.

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AON™ Network Management

Complete software-defined virtual networking allows for orchestrated deployments of virtual networks making it easy to create secure tenant environments.

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Rich data analytics

Rich data analytics shows details about your applications’ resources and performance in real-time.

VM Management

Cloudistics simplifies workflows through the entire VM lifecycle, from creation and initial placement to IP network configuration and protection and migration. Access is easy via the portal and REST API.

VM Operation

All virtual machine operations, adding additional hardware resources, moves, backups are completed via the Cloud Controller.  There is no need to reboot virtual machines to add new capacity, the underlying hypervisor assigns new resources on the fly.

Remote Control

Control one or many sites from the Cloud Controller interface.  Much like managing sites, virtual machines are managed from the same interface, within the web browser via remote connection.  One of the many ways Cloudistics simplifies IT service delivery and management of workloads to deliver unprecedented efficiencies.

Resource Scheduling

Prevent applications from under or overusing system resources with granular resource and performance control on an application or virtual machine level.  Adding additional resources for forecasted high usage periods requires only a few clicks.


Migration of virtual machines is easy with the Cloudistics Migration Manager tool.  It connects via API and via snapshot migrates active workloads while they continue to run.  Cut over is as simple and a click of a button.  The best part, its a free tool provided by Cloudistics.

IP Management

Manual management of IP addresses is a thing of the past.  Cloudistics provides DHCP micro-services to automate IP address assignment at a granular level, both globally and per virtual data center (VDC.)

Snapshots and Clones

Creation of application-aware snapshots requires just a few clicks, clone and attach virtual workloads for test & development. Flexible snapshots schedules can be created to meet recovery point objectives.

Built-in DR

Automatic snapshots, multi-site replication and streamlined failover mean that it’s easy to protect your IT environment without third-party tools or added complexity.

Virtual Networking

Setup and configure layer 3 virtual networks or connect with layer-2 VLAN backed virtual networks. Our virtual networks provide the VM with a managed IP for VM IP management.

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