Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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Cloudistics Cloud Platform

Think public cloud simplicity behind your firewall.

Private Cloud Software

Cloudistics private cloud software is purpose-built to deliver an all-inclusive composable infrastructure that’s ready for use out of the box.

With a premium implementation, deployment, operations, and management experience, you can expect that it’s easy, powerful, and able to accelerate your applications—all in minutes and without requiring major planning and expertise to deliver the EXACT business needs.


Composable Infrastructure

Cloudistics composable architecture eliminates the need for excessive investment in unused resources to deliver Storage, compute and computing resources. Start using what you pay for, without compromising uptime, reliability and data protection.

Storage, compute and network resources scale independently of each other and are deployed effortlessly regardless of scale and/or business requirements.

Centralized Management from the Cloud

Eliminate multiple management dependencies and multiple site logins.  One console manages all of your Cloudistics sites, applications, deployments, storage, network and virtualization deployments.  Leverage agility to respond to business needs, and empower IT resources to deploy cloud services for better delivery, management and control without compromise.

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Cloudistics for Managed Service Providers

Everything Included

No need for additional software or multiple specialized management tools for infrastructure and resources, it’s all included.

Includes application orchestration, resource management, enterprise grade virtualization, network virtualization, enterprise storage services and physical resources for all deployments.

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Always Secure

The software is architected with security at the forefront. It includes powerful security features including two-factor authentication, role-based access control, true microsegmentation, and FIPS compliant data at rest encryption.

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Automatic updates eliminate unnecessary downtime and operational risk

No more risk of incompatible software updates. The platform updates are pre-tested and certified to keep your system up to date and protected. Don’t waste resources on upgrading individual components, hypervisor, storage, compute, hardware and network resources will never absorb time or effort to maintain when utilizing Cloudistics.

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Award winning and built-in proactive EarlyInsight Support

Catches most issues before you do. Our service monitors your system 24×7, alerting our helpdesk for application warnings, hardware issues and resource constraints arise. Our technicians will attempt to remediate the issue and advise the customer of next steps.

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Recover When Disaster Strikes

Shield your Business and applications from a disaster. Efficient multi-site asynchronous replication is built-in with zero data loss failovers with near 100% uptime.

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A Cloud with Unmatched Operational Efficiencies

Organizations are choosing a cloud and application centric approach to IT service delivery over legacy converged & hyper-converged solutions because of the unmatched operational efficiencies. The Cloudistics platform delivers these features through 4 key benefits:

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“The knowledge transfer (to learn Cloudistics) took 1 hour, the result was we had time to focus on being innovative and spend less time managing our platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“It takes me 60% less time to provision new workloads as compared to my old virtualization platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“...With Cloudistics I’ve been overly impressed with the support experience. I engaged with an engineer who was already aware of my issue and we had it resolved faster than initially estimated."

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“It takes me 60% less time to provision new workloads as compared to my old virtualization platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“It’s easy to understand that Cloudistics offers simplicity, superior control, and better performance. But there is one other benefit that’s easy to overlook: It’s going to cut my trouble tickets dramatically.”

IT Director of a Financial Trading Company with offices in Texas, California, Belarus and India

"The knowledge transfer (to learn Cloudistics) took 1 hour!  The end result was less time managing our infrastructure and more focus on being innovative."

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“Cloudistics provided us with a simple-to-use and secure platform that gave us the best of public cloud with control over our data.”

John Halseth, Manager, IT for Atlanta Hawks


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