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What is Cloudistics?

Cloudistics is a private cloud platform, purpose-built to deliver a all-inclusive cloud infrastructure that’s ready for use out of the box. With a premium implementation, deployment, operations, and management experience, you can expect that it’s easy, powerful, and able to accelerate your applications—supporting business initiatives and better outcomes. The platform operates free of any hardware-specific dependencies, and it is composable, disaggregated, and programmatically extensible.

Unlike any other cloud, Cloudistics has been designed from the ground up. It is a great fit for organizations that need to use private cloud for digital transformation initiatives, or as a platform to repatriate workloads from public cloud due to performance needs or data compliance and security concerns.

Cloudistics Private Cloud Platform

Cloudistics gives organizations of all sizes a public-cloud-like experience on-premise, without any of the limitations of public cloud. Cloudistics Private Cloud Platform is purposely designed to make deployment, implementation, operations, and maintenance easy. Built on a complete rethink of how on-premise datacenter infrastructure should work, our platform re-imagines datacenters beyond traditional network, computing, and storage.

The benefits of Cloudistics include:

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Performant and Resiliency
Private Cloud Platform Orange icon of two cogs
End to End Automation
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Increased Administrative and Self-Service Agility
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Accelerated Service Delivery
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Built-In Application Optimization
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Integrated Security and Data Protection
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Reduced Management Complexity
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Improved User Experience

The three key components of Cloudistics that make life easier for IT administrators, developers and other end users:

These are the key components that enable our distinctive approach to your application service delivery. With Cloudistics, IT can respond to business needs much faster, enabling your organization to think beyond virtualization or public cloud to speed your digital transformation and gain the benefits of a successful multi-cloud infrastructure:

Hosted web-based management to boost performance and streamline multi-site deployments

All-inclusive, software-defined cloud infrastructure without additional licensing

Integrated operating system and application marketplace for dozens of requirements

Software Defined Elements

As a completely software defined cloud, the system is comprised of the following software defined elements.

  • Cloudistics Cloud Controller
  • Cloudistics Application Marketplace
  • Networking
  • Compute
  • Storage

We’ve built our cloud platform to give you unparalleled control, making your datacenter IT simple, agile, and transformative in unprecedented ways.

Cloudistics Cloud Controller

Cloudistics Cloud Controller automates, orchestrates and manages your on-premises infrastructure and workloads for superior operational efficiencies. It automatically composes networking, storage, and compute resources for any application you desire. With Cloudistics, it’s easy for you to build, manage, and monitor your cloud because the cloud software platform is hosted by Cloudistics at sites around the world. Our hosted management interface gives your organization superior control, frees platform resources to boost performance, and lets Cloudistics deliver on-going improvements, with free, non-disruptive upgrades, enhancements and new capabilities.

The benefits of the Cloudistics Cloud Controller are:

  • A single, unified, web-based multi-site cloud management portal that spans hardware, cloud capabilities, operating systems, and applications.
  • Designed from the ground up to enable IT generalists, not specialists, to manage your cloud.
  • Completely HTML 5 based for easy compatibility—use any browser.
  • Automated discovery, deployment, resource configuration, and composition.
  • Real-time and historical data analytics, tools to facilitate showback, and ongoing monitoring of the entire platform.
  • Programatically Extensible via RestAPI.

The cloud software platform network, storage, and compute components are designed to work seamlessly with each other to give your administrators and users a premium cloud experience. When the Cloudistics platform is powered on, the Cloud Controller automatically detects any available resources and enables high-speed connectivity between them. You have insight and control of every component, from the switch ports to the storage and compute resources. Though the hardware is automated, you can manage it as you see fit.

Laptop with Cloudistics Ignite Cloud Controller on screen

Cloudistics Application Marketplace

The Cloudistics Application Marketplace is one of the tools that improves operational efficiency. Your administrators can search, select, purchase and deploy cloud applications and services in five minutes or less.

The Marketplace includes Cloudistics supplied pre-built, ready-to-run, and reusable application virtual machine templates that can be deployed in seconds. Your team can also create private templates from existing or new virtual machine images, including importing images from VMware™ or Microsoft Hyper-V™ and live migration of VMware workloads using our Migration Manager product.

With the Application Marketplace, our customers see an up to 60% reduction in application service delivery times, accelerating time to value, improving end-user satisfaction, and freeing administrators to work on other problems or opportunities.

The Application Marketplace helps us achieve a critical objective: making cloud easier for you, your administrators, and your users. It’s one way Cloudistics delivers a premium approach to private cloud that’s specifically designed to make infrastructure, application and services deployment, implementation, operations and maintenance very easy. Learn how to enable your digital transformation or bring workloads back into your datacenter.

Laptop with Cloudistics Application Marketplace on screen

Network With Greater Control

The networking capability is built on a patent-pending networking software which connects the Cloud Controller to your environment. It manages all north/south and east/west traffic within the Cloudistics infrastructure without impacting your current environment.

The network block is driven by our simpler, smarter and open-standards based network virtualization software that is 50x faster than current network virtualization solutions available today. Built-in micro-segmentation functionality allows you to control communication and security between applications with a few clicks.

The network interconnects decouple control, data and management traffic into different planes. This allows Cloudistics to deliver predictable performance that scales linearly between compute and storage.

Highly Modular Compute

The Compute architecture enables compute workloads to scale quickly, simply and as needed without the expense and inefficiency of overprovisioning. The compute nodes are driven by our Cloudistics Operating System and KVM-based compute virtualization software (and other software that supports network virtualization). It supports full- and para-virtualization, live migration, CPU/memory/storage oversubscription and CPU and memory hot-plug. It also natively bare-metal performance and density, while preserving HA, failure isolation and live migration of containers.

Scalable, Streamlined Storage

The storage architecture, driven by our storage virtualization software, enables storage capacity and performance to scale linearly and quickly and as needed without the expense and inefficiency of overprovisioning. There is no upper limit to the maximum number of storage blocks. With storage federation, customers can start with one storage block and scale.

The all-flash storage architecture simplifies storage management by eliminating clusters, the need to set up RAID groups, export LUNs, or set up multi-pathing (drop or set up clustering). Unlike storage virtualization approaches based on shared file systems (for instance, VMware VMFS), we provide high-performance shared direct block access. Enterprise-grade storage functionality includes thin provisioning, de-duplication, compression, snapshots, cloning, integrated backup and asynchronous replication.

“The first true software defined infrastructure.”

"Turnkey solution for rapid delivery of applications."


“It takes me 60% less time to provision new workloads as compared to my old virtualization platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“Cloudistics provided us with a simple-to-use and secure platform that gave us the best of public cloud with control over our data.”

John Halseth, Manager, IT for Atlanta Hawks

“Cloudistics natively includes features and benefits (migration, analytics, self-service) that were add-ons with the competition—this increased functional use and value tremendously.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

Not satisfied with the status quo?

Neither are we. Find a successful path forward with Cloudistics.

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