Alliance Partner Program overview

The Cloudistics Platform and Marketplace uniquely enable OEMs and ISVs to deliver products and services that drastically reduce time to market and risk. The Cloudisitics Platform delivers a wide set of new capabilities such as linear scalability, unbounded performance, enterprise-grade security, reliability, and resilience to serve as an agile foundation to build upon solutions and services.

The Cloudistics Marketplace includes application VM templates that can be deployed instantly with a click of a button. The Marketplace is designed to enable ISV to deliver pre-built, ready-to-run, and reusable applications images to customers seeking to acquire or evaluate applications workloads based on Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, and OpenSolaris distributions in their enterprise.

Benefits for your business

Expand Market Opportunities

Publish your product in the Cloudistics Marketplace and participate in our joint marketing efforts to reach new customers and markets worldwide.

Generate Revenue

Leverage the Cloudistics Marketplace to monetize through expanded market opportunities and worldwide presence.

Minimize Risk

The Cloudistics Marketplace is designed to simplify and unify the application acquisition and deployment experience by enabling customers to readily use pre-configured apps and services that reduce risk due to configuration errors.

Create complement bundles

As an ISV, use the Marketplace to create bundles with other partner solutions that complement your products and services. You can discover new partners services in the Marketplace that are certified and validated by Cloudistics.

Showcase Products and Solutions

Gain access to enterprises of all sizes by using the Cloudistics Marketplace. Use the Marketplace as a showcase or use as a proof tool by giving customers and prospects the ability to instantly deploy applications in the Cloudistics Platform.

Agile Customizable Platform

Harness the power of software-defined infrastructure to rapidly create a platform that is right-sized to meet customer requirements. Easily scale up or down as customer needs evolve.

Alliance Partner Options

Cloudistics ISV

The Cloudistics Marketplace enables ISV who develop, market and sell software that runs on third-party software and hardware platforms, including Cloudistics. The Cloudistics Marketplace enables ISVs by supporting a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model so that can quickly build more business-technology focused solutions and harness the reach of the Marketplace to find new opportunities sooner.

Cloudistics OEM

Cloudistics provides a versatile foundational platform with all essential building blocks of IT infrastructure for system builders to build upon and sell packaged solutions to end customers. Rather than individually source components and spend the time and effort to integrate them, the OEM program is designed to make it easy to acquire and distribute solutions. The Cloudistics platform delivers higher levels of component integration and optimization through connectivity, management, scalability while using space and power efficient configurations.

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