Pica8 Extends 100G White Box Switch Portfolio With Dell


One of Pica8’s OEM partners leveraging the 10G and 100G Dell switches supported on PicOS is Cloudistics, a leading on-premises cloud platform for enterprise cloud computing. “Pica8’s open networking OS is a critical component of our high speed micro-segmentation approach,” said Cloudistics’ CEO Najaf Husain. “With the latest 100GB support, our customers can scale their on-premises cloud environments to many thousands of cores and petabytes of flash storage, while delivering market-leading performance.”

Cloudistics Launches Ignite 3.0 On-Prem Cloud Platform


IT industry trends seldom follow a straight line. Instead, they can be and are blown hither and yon by many factors, including the strength of the underlying technologies, vendors’ investment and commitment and market enthusiasm. But perhaps most important of all are the dynamic feelings and changing needs of IT customers. That’s why the form and functions of solutions often change radically after they initially appear.

Seven Myths for Hyperconverged Integrated Systems – Gartner


HCIS, which encompasses software-centric architectures that integrate compute, storage and networking on commodity hardware, promises a cost-effective infrastructure solution that is simple to deploy, manage and scale,” said George Weiss, VP and analyst, Gartner. “However, new and emerging technologies are often surrounded by hype as vendors try to accelerate sales. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders and decision makers should examine the following points carefully to avoid later disappointments or traps.

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