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Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Unboxing Video And Demo:

Are you ready to take a closer look at the hardware that powers Lenovo ThinkAgile CP? You’re in luck! Morten Hjorth just filmed a YouTube video where he unboxed ThinkAgile CP, powered by Cloudistics.

Mr. Hjorth is the creator of the YouTube channel, MyPlayhouse. In his own words, he aims to “educate/entertain about a quarter million people in the tiny niche of enterprise server, storage and network.” He works full time, as an IT Infrastructure Manager in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus.

Morten Hjorth picture Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Unboxing Video and Demo:As expected, there were a lot of comments and questions on the video—as Morten reads and responds to every comment with thoughtful and informed answers. In addition to his insight, we wanted to take it a step further and respond to some of your comments here:

1. Can you explain this ‘private cloud‘ thing? On the basis that the ‘cloud’ is just someone else’s servers, where does this rig fit?

Cloudistics: It’s the same general idea, with important differences. ThinkAgile CP Series solution is a software defined private cloud that enables purpose-built designed and configured hardware to function seamlessly within the platform. Each piece of gear promotes physical resources and capabilities to the virtualized infrastructure. This is truly a software defined datacenter solution that grows with ease and manages globally. We deliver everything needed to get setup and running very quickly. Once installed and connected to power and the network, the initial configuration is usually less than an hour. Growing the system is even easier, as the expansion nodes are automatically discovered and added to the pool.

2. Quite the cost for the “turn-key”-ness, I wonder how it works software wise compared to a homebrew deployment of say Openstack (with which I’ve got mixed experience). Seems like a fairly good solution for companies that can’t move to public cloud but still want an easy to deploy solution.

Cloudistics: Having spent considerable time with both OpenStack and Lenovo ThinkAgile CP we can attest that most customers prefer a purpose-built offering that they can manage and grow with minimal resources. With ThinkAgile CP, everything is included, hardware, software, hypervisor—as well as features you’d normally depend on a 3rd party to provide, like backup, replication, analytics, self-service, network fabric virtualization, billback, chargeback, and much more.

Additionally, here are the main advantages of ThinkAgile CP:

  • Public-cloud like infrastructure as a service—behind your firewall
  • Rapid application deployment and scaling to accelerate time to value
  • Minimal hardware management—frees up personnel to innovate
  • Proactive support, maintenance & updates minimizes disruption
  • Built for IT generalists to add agility and cut your TCO

3. Soo… What kind of education do you have to get in order to work with those?

Cloudistics: A general knowledge of IT Technologies (no specialists required).

4. Wouldn’t Azure or AWS offer the same, for a fraction of the cost?

Cloudistics: AWS and Azure are amazing platforms, but ThinkAgile CP customers value a different set of capabilities. They value total control over hardware and software, high levels of integrated backup and data protection for greater resilience, and a superior support model. They also appreciate avoiding OpEx overruns that many organizations experience with public cloud.

5. Does a Demo of this software exist?

Cloudistics: We’re happy to schedule a demo of the Cloudistics Cloud Platform and answer any questions you have about ThinkAgile CP. Let’s schedule some time.

Are you ready to take a closer look at the advantages of private cloud? Learn more about Cloudistics and ThinkAgile CP.

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