Exciting new platforms let customers declare their independence from the status quo and break down barriers to cloud adoption.Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Hardware

As of August 3rd, 2018, the new Lenovo ThinkAgile CP series composable private cloud platform is ready to ship to customers and MSPs in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands.

The platforms are part of the Lenovo ThinkAgile portfolio cited by Roderick Lappin, Senior VP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing of Lenovo Data Center Group, as “enabling customers to truly own their cloud experience in a secure, scalable and streamlined way.” A full-fledged Cloudistics experience on Lenovo hardware, the ThinkAgile CP series delivers all the conveniences and ease of use of a public cloud environment secured behind the customers’ own data center firewall.

ThinkAgile CP Series natively converge network, storage, compute, virtualization and management into one platform, managed and orchestrated by a web-based portal. The customer-inspired, private cloud series is available in two configurations: the ThinkAgile CP4000 series designed for small data center, MSP or remote sites and the ThinkAgile CP6000, tailored for enterprise environments with mixed workloads. All platforms include three years of standard maintenance at no extra cost.

With these all-in-one, turnkey, composable private cloud platforms customers can:

  • Simplify implementation, deployment, operation, maintenance and support of virtual and cloud environments.
  • Innovate IT processes and procedures as well as the automate, optimize and orchestrate resources and performance of apps and services.
  • Accelerate cloud adoption application and service delivery as well as time to market and time to value.

The ThinkAgile CP series automates dynamic assembly, orchestration and optimal use of application resources from a global resource pool. Physical and virtual network resources are both composable and span multiple locations, delivering a unified view of consumption and utilization by the Cloudistics virtual data center (VDC) and applications.

The platforms are ready to use out-of-the-box so that customers can be up and running in a matter of hours. Designed to be managed by IT generalists, the platforms include a curated application marketplace, built-in encryption, data protection, security and multi-tenancy features to ensure consistent performance of multiple virtual data centers and application workloads. For optimal performance the ThinkAgile CP platforms include proactive support, maintenance and software updates.  Any technical issues are identified and resolved quickly using EarlyInsight technology.

ThinkAgile CP series platforms scale from a minimal cloud stamp or what we call a virtual data center to thousands of nodes as resource needs increase. This can be accomplished with homogenous scale units so customers can address their networking, storage and compute resource needs independent of a traditional constrained clustered environment.

Cloudistics Lenovo Hardware

Lenovo is rated as the #1 technology partner for server reliability and customer satisfaction with 97 leading product benchmark records and a 92% satisfaction rating for deployments. ThinkAgile CP platforms give customers immediate boosts in performance, availability and reliability of their most critical applications so that they can deliver the best service using platforms that are easy to deploy, implement, operate, and maintain.

For more information on these exciting, innovative platforms and to hear more from Lenovo’s Data Center Group and Cloudistics, go to: ThinkAgile CP.


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