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For years, Cloudistics has worked to deliver an innovative private cloud that democratizes the data center and delivers new organizational efficiencies.

Our approach has always delivered a premium experience to make cloud simple, agile, and transformative, and we’re proud of our efforts to constantly innovate and deliver additional value.

Today, July 17, 2018, we’re stepping into a new world for Cloudistics, and for our customers.

In partnership with Lenovo, we’re announcing availability of the Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series, a full-fledged Cloudistics experience on Lenovo hardware. This new all-in-one, turnkey, fully-composable private cloud platform can accelerate your service delivery without the challenges of conventional approaches. As a superior private cloud with unprecedented value, the ThinkAgile CP Series can help organizations like yours escape the limits of traditional datacenter IT.

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Cloudistics democratizes the data center by being:

  • Simple: No specialists needed — an IT generalist can set it up and maintain it.
  • Agile: With it, you can provision dozens of workloads in minutes.
  • Transformative: Achieve a private cloud that unlocks new opportunity.
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We’re proud to be partnering with Lenovo for this new approach to cloud.

Virtual Briefing:
Your Cloud. Delivered Your Way.

Read the Announcement Press Release.

Learn more about the Cloudistics and Lenovo partnership.

Why ThinkAgile CP Series?

Kirk Skaugen and Najaf Husain

Kirk Skaugen, President Data Center Group at Lenovo, and Najaf Husain, CEO of Cloudistics, discuss the unique capabilities of Cloudistics.

Product Video

Explore the distinctive capabilities and benefits of Cloudistics for your unique requirements.

To learn more, visit:

“Turn-key solution for rapid delivery of applications.”

“Cloudistics solves a lot of problems for our customers by delivering a high-performance, extremely easy-to-use, independently scalable platform; perfect for running enterprise applications, or as an on-premises public cloud alternative. All this in a small plug-and-play footprint—very impressive.”

“It’s the most disruptive product I’ve seen in 30 years.”

Not satisfied with the status quo?

Neither are we. Find a successful path forward with Cloudistics.

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