Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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IT Support May Be The Crucial Cloud Question

Once IT teams are no longer having to hand-hold IT infrastructure every day, they won’t know the intricacies of its operation. This makes the support experience – both the ease of access to support, and the overall quality of the support – absolutely critical. What do other customers of that vendor have to say about support? How long do break/fix support issues take?

The most important question when discussing anything related to IT support is whether or not there’s a single point of support for all items related to that private cloud infrastructure. One of the major pitfalls of traditional IT is that it consists of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different solutions from different vendors.

Each of the IT solutions an organization uses will interact with others, whether those solutions are hardware, software, or services. This interaction is the source of significant conflict. In this video interview Cloudistics CMO Chris Myhill, and Dan Mroz, VP of WW Marketing, discuss “The Cloudistics Founders Story” with Scott Lowe, CEO and Lead Strategist at Actual Tech Media. In the discussion they reveal the journey that Cloudistics founders took when attempting to implement a cloud strategy and being dissatisfied with the cloud status quo, resulting in the development of our own Cloudistics Ignite Cloud Platform.

Chris, Dan and Scott discuss the development of our fully-composable, software-defined platform. The true focus on development was the need to overcome the barriers to cloud adoption and achieve successful digital transformation. Those design decisions resulted in a private cloud platform that is very easy to implement, deploy, operate, maintain and SUPPORT, which is the focus of this blog.

The Finger Of Blame

Experienced IT practitioners all have support horror stories. Something has gone wrong—or worse, it’s “being slow” — and there are multiple different possible causes, all from different vendors. The storage vendor blames the network vendor. The network vendor blames the hypervisor vendor. The hypervisor vendor doesn’t understand what everyone is on about — the logs look clean on their end…

These circular finger-pointing exercises are not only frustrating, but time consuming, which can cost organizations a significant amount of money. Downtime costs money (1) sometimes it costs a truly mind-boggling (2) amount of money. And these downtime costs can hit small organizations (3) as well as large ones.

Reducing support complexity is a very strong motivator (4) behind cloud adoption. It has been tightly associated with the ease of doing business. In short, organizations want to get on with using their IT, not wasting time making it go.

Responsive Vendors

The problem is that the hyperscale public cloud vendors—which are the first to mind whenever anyone says “cloud”—aren’t necessarily responsive. For some, the concept of enterprise support is still somewhat new. (5)

There’s a reason that Rackspace still exists, despite their hosting services having long ago been eclipsed by the hyperscale public cloud vendors. Rackspace offer fanatical support (6) not only for their own hosted offerings, but for customers hosting their workloads on the hyperscale public cloud vendors as well.

If a competitor to the public cloud vendors successfully employs thousands of people by providing paid support for customers of those public cloud vendors, it’s reasonable to question whether or not the support model of those public cloud vendors is broken. Perhaps the support model of the hyperscale public cloud vendors is not broken in the same way that the traditional IT support model is broken, but it appears to be broken nonetheless.

Private Cloud Platforms

Private cloud vendors who provide the entire private cloud solution offer a third path. Customers deploying private cloud platforms can enjoy all the ease of use of a public cloud; but on-premises, with the predictable costs that come with ownership. Most importantly, they can do so while enjoying a dedicated support experience without the multi-vendor circular finger-pointing.

Cloudistics is more than just a vendor, we want to be your cloud partner in every way possible. In addition to providing highly responsive and easy-to-access support for all customers, Cloudistics believes in proactive support, we call it EarlyInsight.

With EarlyInsight proactive support, customers who choose to enable telemetry reporting from their Cloudistics Ignite Cloud Platform will have the health and performance of their private cloud monitored by Cloudistics. Any problems with the private cloud infrastructure will be noted, often before the customer’s internal IT teams have a chance to notice that something is wrong.

The Cloudistics support team will reach out to the customer in question and work with them to resolve the issue, often before it becomes business-impacting event. This is what IT support should be. This is what cloud computing must be.

Ease of use is the purpose of a cloud, and ease of use begins with proactive support.

Watch this video interview and learn about the journey that Cloudistics founders took when attempting to implement a cloud strategy and being dissatisfied with the cloud status quo, resulting in the development of our own Cloudistics Ignite Cloud Platform. Read more about our accelerated support here:



Dan Mroz

VP of Worldwide Marketing

Over the past 20 years, Dan has had the opportunity to hold several diverse positions within the IT industry. Prior to joining Cloudistics, he was part of an incubation team at Lenovo, which launched new hyper-converged products. He developed channel and enablement strategies while contributing to marketing and messaging efforts. Prior to Lenovo, Dan held positions in sales and engineering at Dell-EMC. Dan was engineer of the year in 2012 and 2014.

Dan has held IT leadership and instructor positions at the Pennsylvania State University where he led technology strategy, instructional design, and numerous strategic projects.

Dan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and co-founded a web development, hosting, and consulting company. He has led marketing, recruitment, and IT operations of multiple organizations in the healthcare, technology, and financial segments.

Dan earned two undergraduate degrees from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and his MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

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