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Unlike every other cloud vendor, Cloudistics had the benefit of hindsight. We explored the public cloud, we tried do-it-yourself clouds, we encountered the limits of traditional virtualization, and we found too many trade-offs in order to fit a budget.

We also didn’t have investment in legacy code or hardware that blocked innovation. We looked at what cloud providers had done and said, “If they could do it all over again, what would they change?” That simple question was the foundation of the Cloudistics Cloud Platform. Like Tesla, who reinvented the car, at Cloudistics, we reinvented the cloud.


Most vendors omit the network, we started with the network.

We had to build a robust software-defined network that also supported network fabric virtualization (NFV) to provide automation, micro-segmentation and a smart way to add new capabilities over time.

To support multi-tenancy and to defeat resource sprawl, the compute and storage were not clustered, but federated.

This eliminated the performance and scale drawbacks of clusters and allows for the ability to physically or logically segment tenants within the platform.

Cloud Controller & Application Marketplace

We developed the Cloud Controller to provide a simplified user experience, but also to orchestrate and manage the composable pools of underlying hardware.

We radically host the Cloud Controller in the public cloud which allows for portability across platforms and eliminates use of the on-premises hardware consumption for management systems, putting those resources back in the pool for workloads while cutting TCO.

We integrated our Application Marketplace to support streamlined application-centric usability, giving our customers immediate and continual value as the marketplace grows.


We made Cloudistics all-inclusive and added the features on which users had to spend extra money—and we don’t charge you extra for it.

  • Robust and granular analytics are built into the platform
  • Built-in backup and disaster recovery functionality
  • Metering, chargeback, & show back
  • Premium support with no added cost
  • Encryption @ Rest, firewalls, and other security capabilities

Cloudistics isn’t a bandaid approach to IT, and it isn’t a skin on an open cloud framework, it is a transformative rethink on how IT infrastructure should support application provisioning or services, while delivering groundbreaking operational efficiencies other platforms can’t match.



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“It takes me 60% less time to provision new workloads as compared to my old virtualization platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“I’m able to do what I did before more efficiently in less time.”

IT Director—Leading Healthcare Research Institute

“Cloudistics provided us with a simple-to-use and secure platform that gave us the best of public cloud with control over our data.”

“The knowledge transfer (to learn Cloudistics) took 1 hour, the result was we had time to focus on being innovative and spend less time managing our platform.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“You make migrating my VMs, with a free tool, enough said!”

IT Director—Leading Healthcare Research Institute

“Cloudistics natively includes features and benefits (migration, analytics, self-service) that were add-ons with the competition, this increased functional use and value tremendously.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX

“Cloudistics fundamentally changed the way we deliver IT resources to our organization which positively affected my hiring profile for future staff. I could focus on higher value hiring versus hiring to keep the light on and managing hardware.”

Multinational Financial Trading Company in Austin, TX


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