Experience the simplicity and power of cloud-managed infrastructure.

Cloudistics cloud controller, Ignite, is a free cloud-based controller that helps you build, manage and monitor your infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

Say goodbye to multiple
management silos.


What used to live in multiple on-site management silos can now be managed centrally through the cloud. Whether you are deploying a new VDI instance or a new Docker environment across multiple sites, Ignite is powerful enough to meet the demands of IT professionals, while easy enough for someone with little network experience to manage and run your apps at peak performance.

And the price? It’s free: every piece of Cloudistics hardware includes a perpetual Ignite license.

Ignite Modular Design

Scale painlessly.


Ignite grows with you. Because there’s nothing to configure on-site, adding new compute, storage and network resources takes just seconds.

To add more compute resources, simply insert the blade into the chassis and the Ignite controller automatically finds it and adds the resources to the pool. Then, simply add the additional cores and RAM to the apps that need it in real-time, without restarting the app.

Adding a new networks is even easier: just click “Create Virtual Network”, enter the IP range and network function virtualization services you want and click Add. Now add an application to this virtual network and it’s secured. It’s that easy.

Never get one of these.


Traditional infrastructure and HCI companies not only charge a huge cost up front for hardware, you must buy other hardware and software licenses to complete the cloud.

We take a different approach. Cloudistics includes everything in your on-premises cloud platform.

With Cloudistics:

  • Virtualization is included
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) and network virtualization is included
  • Compute is included
  • Storage is included
  • On-site service is included
  • Ignite is included for free to use for as long as you want, with an unlimited number of resources.

Know your cloud.


Ignite shows exactly what’s happening on your cloud in near real time, so you can manage your users, applications and performance like never before.

With performance monitoring and deep inspection, you’ll see what applications are using your resources and when your peak times are. And with application insights, you’ll have full visibility into the applications that are in your cloud, including operating system, network bandwidth, storage performance, latency and more.

Application marketplace.


Ignite includes an application marketplace that includes many of the popular applications such as Docker, Hadoop, Hortonworks, Cloudera and Windows and Linux operating systems.

Simply download and create instances just like the public cloud. Customize your private marketplace with custom applications or import them as ISO images, VMware or Hyper-V.


Multi-tenant support.


With our virtual data centers, you can create private datacenters for your users that include the precise allocation of compute, storage and network resources they need. The users can create as many virtual networks as they need without requiring a network administrator. The users can allocate storage and create as many applications as they need without assistance from a storage or virtualization admin. It’s incredibly easy to set up, and makes cloud administration a breeze.

Automated outage alerts.


Don’t have time to check the cloud status every day? Don’t worry.

If any resource or application goes down or has a problem, Ignite will automatically text or email you (and anyone else you designate) about it.

Outage alerts are easy to turn on and off, and always keep you in-the-know when it comes to your on-premises cloud.


Automatic software upgrades.


With Ignite, regular software updates – including security updates – are handled for you. This includes one-click updates to the cloud controller, VMs, hypervisors and firmware/BIOS ensuring all components are running the latest updates and security patches.