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Get The Cloud Experience You Deserve

Moving to a new cloud comes with opportunities and challenges. The goals at a high level are straight forward—make it easier to handle growth and changes in applications, users, data, and business all the while saving time and money. However, achieving these goals requires agility, flexibility and simplicity—all of which may seem out of reach when confronted by the many choices and decisions you need to make to get the optimal cloud experience you deserve.

And many of your choices and decisions come down to managing and balancing various needs across your organization. The pain points and objectives of the people who manage and use IT resources are often in conflict. Consider that:

  • IT Administrators are primarily concerned with managing compute, storage and networking resources to optimize performance.
  • DevOps teams want to get enough compute power, virtual machines and storage capacity to test new applications and save datasets before releasing new apps into production.
  • Tenants (or departments) want to be able to be sure that their data is safe and secure from data and applications of other users and they need to track usage for billing reconciliation purposes.
  • End users are only concerned with their individual applications and want to put new applications into use quickly without having to wait for IT to get around to their service request.

Public cloud services can satisfy the flexibility requirements of administrators but often comes at a steep cost and the risk of vendor lock-in. Operational budgets may not be adequate to purchase enough public cloud services to satisfy dev/ops requirements or cope with the unplanned cloud sprawl of shadow IT. Finally, public cloud lacks the control that a private cloud deployment or a managed cloud service offers.

What if you could have a premium private cloud experience that puts you in control of:

  • The End-User Experience: Delivering applications in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Business Transformation Goals: Giving your staff the freedom to test new applications and utilize internal data in ways for new or improved customer services
  • Data Protection: Creating separate policies for encryption and data retention by application or workload so you don’t have to worry about the risk of data breaches
  • Growth: Scaling compute, storage and memory as needed, avoiding long protracted purchase and deployment cycles and keeping internal users satisfied
  • Application Management: Forestalling rogue IT by allowing users to pick from a marketplace of applications for quick deployment.

Satisfying these requirements is possible with the Cloudistics Ignite Cloud Platform. The Cloudistics vision is to break down the barriers to cloud adoption so that customers can declare their independence from the status quo in virtualization and cloud.

We realized that users don’t care about the infrastructure of IT but they definitely are demanding when it comes to application performance, availability and agility.  When we designed the Cloudistics platform we created an architecture with the scalability, flexibility, and simplicity necessary to satisfy all the demands of different groups.

And as you saw yesterday, we’ve now partnered with Lenovo to deliver the ThinkAgile CP series, to extend our philosophy of simple, agile, transformative solutions that give you the control you need over your IT. The ThinkAgile CP series delivers integrated, engineered solutions that offer greater simplicity and optimization than do it yourself efforts or public cloud.

  • Admins can gain control by easily managing compute, storage or network availability to meet individual workloads without lengthy planning or complex orchestration.
  • Developers can spin up VMs and keep track of them without worrying about running out of space or impacting performance.
  • Departments and tenants can be sure that their data is separately managed and secure.

All the compute, network and storage resources contained in the platform are orchestrated and automated to deliver scalable, secure virtual data center services from behind your firewall managed by a cloud-based portal. With the ThinkAgile CP series, you’re in a position to take control of your cloud without complexity, compromise, or unforeseen cost.

We’re glad that we’ve created a new approach to seamlessly satisfying the many requirements of different groups, giving you a customer-inspired, fully-composable, software-defined cloud platform that delivers the cloud experience you deserve. Find out more about the platform that’s been named by CIO Magazine as one of the “20 Most Promising IT Infrastructure Solution Providers for 2018.”

Dan Mroz

VP of Worldwide Marketing

Over the past 20 years, Dan has had the unique opportunity to hold several diverse positions within the IT industry-spread across numerous business verticals. Most recently he was part of an incubation team at Lenovo, launching new hyper-converged products. He developed the overall channel strategy and enablement while contributing to marketing and messaging efforts. Prior to Lenovo, Dan held positions in sales and engineering at Dell-EMC, supporting top revenue accounts and new product development within Texas and Pennsylvania. Dan was engineer of the year in 2012 and 2014.

Before becoming a resident of Texas, Dan was an IT Director and Instructor at the Pennsylvania State University where he led overall technology strategy, instructional design, and numerous strategic projects outside the scope of IT. He taught classes in a number of subject areas to include information sciences and security, risk analysis, and fly fishing.

Dan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and cofounded a web development, hosting, and consulting company. He has led marketing, recruitment, and IT operations of multiple organizations in the healthcare, technology, and financial segments.

Dan earned his AAS and BS degrees from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and his MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

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