Cloudistics Features.

Cloudistics® On-Premises Cloud Platform delivers the first hyperscale superconverged infrastructure to enterprise datacenters and managed service providers. We enable a truly agile, software-defined datacenter through integrated networking, enterprise storage, data protection, platform resiliency, high performance, hyper scalability, application-centric management, world-class compute virtualization and built-in security.

Integrated Networking


The first converged architecture to seamlessly integrate switches and network virtualization, Cloudistics provides highly simplified network management for all traffic (east-west and north-south) with built-in overlay virtualization and function virtualization, enabling a true SDDC.

Virtual Networking

Simplified, automated and dynamic network provisioning.

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Network Function Virtualization

Built-in firewalls, load balancing, NAT, VPN

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Integrated SDN

Granular application control of networks

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Seamless Integration

Connects to existing Cisco, Juniper and Arista networks.

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Enterprise Storage


The Cloudistics platform delivers enterprise storage functionality and performance without the cost. It is a federated, all-flash storage subsystem that is designed for performance, redundancy, scalability, and manageability of virtualized and containerized workloads.

High Performance

Direct Block Access from VMs and containers.

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Application-centric Snapshots and Cloning

Application aware snapshots

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Thin provisioning

Optimizes storage utilization

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Disk De-duplication

Reduces storage consumption by as much as 4x.

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Copy Data Management

Ability to present multiple copies of a dataset while the storage system maintains only a single copy. Each copy of the dataset is primary storage and runs at full performance.

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Data Protection


Block-based Incremental Backups

Real-time and application aware protection.

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Flash erasure coding

Protects flash drives for years of reliable use.

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Asynchronous remote replication for disaster recovery.

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Power loss protection

Data is protected even in the event of a power loss.

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RAID with global hot sparing

Protects data against disk failures.

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Broad Ecosystem support

Supports Microsoft, Veeam, Commvault backups.

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Platform Resiliency


Network High Availability

Network redundancy to protect against switch failures.

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Automatic upgrades for all software

Integrated software updates.

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VM high availability

Automatic live migration to protect against node failures.

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Storage Controller Highly availability

Protects against storage controller failures.

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CPU and memory hot-plug

Dynamic resource allocation while applications are running.

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High Performance


Line speed network virtualization

Application all the way through storage virtual networks guarantee bandwidth.

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Fast Storage

200,000 Iops per 2U, 150 usecs latency, 48,000 iops per virtual disk

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1.55 TB/s routing performance

Does not require another layer of software routers.

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Hyper Scalability


Decoupled scaling

Scales network, storage and compute independent of each other.

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Unlimited cluster size

Unbounded scaling.

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Linear performance

Scales to PBs of storage with linear performance scaling.

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Leaf and spine network architecture

The network seamlessly connects to existing networks.

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Application Support and Application-Centric Management


The Cloudistics platform is built from the ground-up to make it easy to run applications, enabling control of everything from a single console. An application marketplace, analogous to the iPhone App store, allows one click download of popular apps. Cloudistics allows resources to be easily carved up into multiple virtual data centers or VDCs, one per tenant in a multi-tenant scenario.

Single Pane of Glass Management

Manage the entire platform from one spot.

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Enables application orchestration and customized management.

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Application Marketplace

Published applications for immediate deployment.

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Broad Application Support

Supports Microsoft, Linux, microservices and Docker workloads out of the box.

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Application-centric management

Control networks, storage and security on per application basis.

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Carve resources into virtual datacenters and share out.

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World-class compute virtualization without virtualization tax


Full and para virtualization

Flexible virtualization.

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VM and containers

Supports virtual workloads and containers on the same environment.

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Oversubscription of CPU/memory/storage

Enables efficient resource utilization.

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Live migration of VMs and containers

Application mobility between nodes regardless of physical network they live in.

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Built-In Security


Development Lifecycle

Security is built into our development process from day 1.

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Network Micro-segmentation

Built into network layer to ensure security compliance even in the most security conscious enviroments.

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Multi-factor authentication

Industry standard access protection

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Software based firewalls

Built into our network layer eliminating the need for external firewalls and routers.

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At-Rest Disk Encryption

Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) are included with the platform.

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Single vendor support

24×7 real-time service is just a click away and It’s included free with the platform.

Integrated support mode

Allows secure access by the Cloudistics service team into your Cloudistics platform.

Onsite support included

On-site hardware service is included with all purchases.