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Are you thrilled with your current support experience?

Let’s face it, no one loves their current support experience, which comes with long wait times, script reading agents, callbacks, finger pointing, and unexpected costs. Cloudistics does it differently: no support tiers, everyone is premium, one point of contact covers the entire platform, and you get direct access to an engineer with one click. Our customers love it!

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Ready to experience game changing support?

Cloudistics built a better way. We designed the support we would want if we were in your shoes. We solve the problems others can’t solve and created an experience others can’t match.


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Key Feature 1:
Proactive Support

  • Proactively monitoring the entire platform
  • Submits trouble tickets so you don’t have to
  • Our engineers know before you do
  • Accelerates time to resolution
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Key Feature 2:
Chat Support

  • Chat with an engineer from the management interface
  • One click away from hardware or software support
  • No sitting in support queues
  • Start solving the problem in seconds
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Key Feature 3:
Remote Assist

  • Customer initiated secure remote access to the platform
  • Allows an engineer to assist or solve issues
  • Solve issues quickly with hands-on engagement
  • Avoid miscommunication and errors
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Key Feature 4:
Platform Updates & Analytics

  • Platform updates can be deployed automatically
  • Automated log and platform analytics retrieval
  • Full feature usage and performance analytics built-in
  • Minimize risk, downtime, and manual intervention

“Regardless of what platform you choose, you will run into a problem. With Cloudistics I’ve been overly impressed with the support experience. I engaged with an engineer who was already aware of my issue and we had it resolved in no time. Proactive, amazing, I’m a fan!”

“It’s easy to understand that Cloudistics offers simplicity, superior control, and better performance. But there is one other benefit that’s easy to overlook: It’s going to cut my trouble tickets dramatically.”

“The (reduced) software licensing cost, and the support experience (alone) was enough to convince me to purchase.”



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