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The Cloudistics application, Access Manager, is complementary to the self-service feature as it controls access to specific applications via RDP within a Virtual Datacenter. The Access Manager enables an Infrastructure Administrator or virtual datacenter administrator to grant fine-grained access permission to specific applications for users via RDP. The Cloudistics Access Manager is offered as a virtual appliance that you can download for free from the Cloudistics Marketplace. You can run it in your environment with full support by Cloudistics to ensure proper security and governance.

In the Access manager you can assign permissions for users or groups at the application level or at the Virtual Datacenter level. Available permissions to application functionality that you can assign include:

  • Start – Ability to start applications.
  • Stop – Ability to stop applications.
  • Snapshot – Ability to take snapshots.
  • RDP to the application – Ability to RDP to the application using the application IP address.


Application permissions configuration in Cloudistics Access Manager



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