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Here you can access the latest Product Advisories and Release Notes.

Product Advisories

Product Advisories help you stay informed of and address potential issues in your infrastructure. Refer to the following advisories.

Release Notes

Our product Release Notes provide the latest information available for the current version of the platform. Release Notes include details about platform improvements, feature and functionality updates, maintenance fixes, and known issues and resolutions, as applicable.

  • Release Notes v4.1.1 - This patch release includes maintenance fixes for known issues including, storage-related stability and performance issues.
  • Release Notes v4.1 - This minor release includes the new Migration Manager application, support of new performance-optimized storage blocks, various API improvements, and a number of maintenance fixes.
  • Release Notes v4.0.2 - This patch release provides remediation for the Level 1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) security vulnerability as well as maintenance fixes for two storage controller HA issues.
  • Release Notes v4.0.1 - This patch release includes maintenance fixes for known issues, including stability, user experience, and application action improvements.
  • Release Notes v4.0 - This major release includes a number of new features, including Lenovo hardware support, self-service access control, the Access Manager application, the Metering Manager application, migration of the SaaS management portal to AWS, and European Union GDPR compliance. It also includes improvements to Cloudistics Ignite UI navigation, storage metrics, and network interconnect and integration. A variety of resolved issues and maintenance fixes are also included.
  • Release Notes v3.5.2 - This release includes maintenance fixes for known issues.
  • Release Notes v3.5.1 - This release includes maintenance fixes for known issues as well as an upgrade to the Ignite management portal to v3.5.1 to support security updates from v3.5.
  • Release Notes v3.5 - This release includes the following new features and improvements: security updates for Spectre Variant I and Meltdown mitigation, performance improvements for Windows applications and DR, VLAN support, marketplace updates, new APIs, and maintenance fixes.
  • Release Notes v3.4- This release includes the following updates: backup, recovery, and copy data enhancements; DR orchestration via REST API; live resize of disks with Windows and Linux instances, smart disk placement across federated storage pools, Pre and Post snapshot processing scripts, and software-based encryption updates.



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