Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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Feature Highlights

All-inclusive cloud out of the box
Software composable building blocks
Seamless end-to-end management
Built-in secure multi-tenancy
Native multi-site data protection
Application micro-segmentation
Curated app marketplace

Why Cloudistics & Dell

In 2013 Cloudistics began developing the very first “customer inspired cloud” releasing the Cloudistics Cloud Platform on the modular Dell hardware stack in 2016. Built to streamline logical composability, our private cloud platform is a better way to respond to the needs of administrators, developers, tenants and end-users.

Cloudistics believes that everyone, regardless of role, wants to enjoy a premium experience, one that relies on intuitively easy, elegantly simple, all-inclusive, fully-composable, software-defined, open-source based cloud technology. Cloudistics built that transformative approach on a stack of Dell EMC hardware because of the innovative, rack dense, converged modular network, storage and server hardware design.


Organizations that choose Cloudistics can expect:

Rapid Deployment Icon - Multiple data windows and orange circle with lightning bolt inside
Rapid Application Deployment and Scaling:
  • Built-in Application Marketplace for self-service provisioning
  • Automated allocation to spin up new resources in seconds
  • Instantly provide self-service capabilities to teams or departments
No Hardware Management Icon - Hardware and orange circle with letter X inside
No Hardware Management:
  • Composable cloud aggregates hardware resources on the fly
  • Servers, storage, and networking all software defined
  • Managed and controlled from a single web cloud controller
EarlyInsight Support Icon - Person, hardware, and orange circle with checkmark inside
EarlyInsight Premium Support:
  • Integrated hardware/software diagnostics and trouble ticket creation
  • Built-in access to system engineers in seconds through the management interface
  • User-initiated remote assistance enables rapid technical assistance
No Specialist Needed Icon - User interface and orange circle with circular arrows inside
Built for IT Generalists:
  • One management console for all features
  • No traditional storage, networking, or virtualization expertise needed
  • No complex licensing or system design requirements


Cloudistics on Dell EMC delivers advantages other on-premise platforms can’t match, streamlining operations, reducing organizational friction, and supporting innovative service delivery.

Orange icon of a speedometer
Latest Intel processors, all-flash storage, and 40GbE networking for maximized performance and superior customer experience.
Private Cloud Platform Orange icon of two cogs
Cloudistics minimizes hardware management, freeing your teams to serve customers instead of maintaining infrastructure. Adding hardware for scale is largely automated and takes minutes.
Private Cloud Platform Orange icon of a person running
Administrative Agility:
User-specific access controls alongside one console for hardware, cloud software makes tasks faster. Self-service provisioning enables development teams to be more efficient and effective.
Private Cloud Platform Orange icon of a shipping box
Accelerated Service Delivery:
With Cloudistics, deploy your applications in 5 minutes or less with automatic hardware resources allocation for each application instance.
Private Cloud Platform Orange icon of a pic axe
Premium Support:
Cloudistics proactively addresses problems instead of waiting for your call or in a support queue, and includes secure engineer-to-engineer diagnostics and chat your administrators can access in five clicks.
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No more management complexity, cuts your reliance on hardware or cloud specialists. An IT generalist can monitor, manage, and maintain the platform to free your specialists to improve and innovate.
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Sits behind your existing security perimeter and doesn’t open ports to the Internet. Includes RBAC, integrated firewalls, encryption and microsegmentation.
Private Cloud Platform Orange icon of a person
Built-in snapshots and off-site replication to boost resilience and cut the costs of downtime and disaster.

Tech Specs

Each platform is sized based on the customer unique needs.  Addition storage resources can be added incrementally as growth demands.

Compute Block
2U compute block supports 1-8 compute nodes. An alternative compute block with between 1-4 compute nodes is also available. Supports up to 6TB of RAM.

Compute Node
Intel Skylake nodes, each supporting up to 1.5TB of RAM.

Storage Block
2U storage block has from 6 to 192 usable TB (before storage deduplication and compression) of all enterprise flash storage and two disk controllers built from standard dual-socket Dell servers with 40 cores and 4x10Gb NICs.

2U network block has redundant SDN-enabled ONIE (Open Network Install Environment) routers/switches, each with 48×10 GbE for cross-stack traffic and 6×40 GbE ports to connect to the datacentre.

License Options
Cloudistics Standard or Cloudistics Guardian Edition 3-5 year software license and maintenance (Cloud Controller included)

Warranty Support
Full premium support with integrated engineer-to-engineer access from Cloudistics that covers hardware and cloud software

Support Services
Cloudisticse single point of contact support

Additional Services
Bundled with the product: Initial design, deployment, and handoff at no additional cost.

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