Since we launched Cloudistics a few years ago, we’ve done everything we can to enhance our private cloud with a premium experience. As we talk to customers and work with them to solve their problems, we uncover new needs.

And one of the needs we’ve uncovered is devising a better way to conduct migrations.

Let’s face it, cloud migrations are a worrying part of any IT organization’s job. Just Google “cloud migration failures” and you’ll come across hundreds of unpleasant articles describing the kinds of experiences you don’t want to have. Moving workloads from one platform to another isn’t always straightforward. Many things can go wrong and the process can be more complex than anticipated, with impacts to customer experience. There’s a real need in the market to make migrations simple.

So as part as our mission to make cloud straightforward, today we’re announcing Migration Manager, an included capability that’s going to be part of our Application Marketplace. A no-cost application that is built into the Cloudistics Application Marketplace, it provides point-and-click live migration for VMware™ workloads to Cloudistics, enabling users to automatically migrate workloads in hours rather than weeks. By including Migration Manager with every Cloudistics platform, customers can stop worrying about migrations and increase time to value.

Cloudistics Migration Manager is a game changer for organizations that need to migrate from older virtualization platforms. With Cloudistics, the process is now as simple as downloading a template, booting up a VM, setting up application connections to VMware and Cloudistics, then pointing, clicking, and letting the tool migrate the application for you.

With Cloudistics, you can have migrations as close to plug and go as they can be, helping to make sure that this painful part of your experience is straightforward, streamlined, and simple. We recognized the problem and we’re aiming to solve it, because improving private cloud is our mission.

We’re giving organizations like yours:

  • All-inclusive private cloud with a premium experience.
  • Hardware automation and everything software defined, including security, networking, and data protection.
  • An integrated Application Marketplace with operating system and application templates, as well as utilities to accelerate time to value, including Migration Manager, among others.
  • An administrator experience built for IT generalists, not specialists.

To learn more, explore our user interface, and see the promise of Cloudistics in action, visit us at www.cloudistics.com/livedemo. We promise to help you succeed.