Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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If you’ve pay attention to the world of startups, you know that 3 out of 4 fail, according to Harvard Business School.

That’s right. 3 out of 4.

Why? It’s often due to the launch of a product or service that isn’t the right fit for the market. After all, it’s easy to come up with an idea. It’s somewhat easy to build a product. And it’s relatively easy to promote said product. However, it can be incredibly difficult to intuit the market.

Unless you’re part of the market.

At Cloudistics, we created the Cloudistics Ignite Cloud Platform — the world’s first premium private cloud — because, as a company, we tried all the existing approaches to cloud, public and private, and found them all lacking.

Here’s our story:

We needed a cloud to host our software development and testing.

So, we first picked a cloud platform that came with shocking levels of spiraling costs.

Then we considered an open-source science experiment that took months to build, but it wasn’t up to par.

Finally, we explored an established platform that cost over a million dollars in licensing fees alone!

We decided to fix the problem—for ourselves and our customers. Cloudistics Ignite is the result of actively listening to customers’ difficult experiences with legacy IT, virtualization, cloud project failures, and their desired expectations. Now our customers have a cloud software platform that is purpose-built to provide a customer-centric, premium experience from day one.

Cloudistics Cloud Journey Diagram

Customers are taking notice of our success. Our relentless pursuit of simplicity and quality is standing out in a marketplace full of uncontrolled costs and complexity.

“Although Midland, Texas may not be as large as other major metropolitan cities, supporting our digital transformation across numerous other departments are no less complex.” said Willie Resto, Chief Information Officer, City of Midland, Texas. “Our citizens expect a high-tech experience that is equal to or better when dealing with city services as compared to other consumer interactions. Cloudistics Ignite helps my team deliver innovative solutions and process improvements with a premium cloud-like experience.” Willie was impressed with how Cloudistics simplified most of the IT automation of serving up mission critical workloads that drive our city’s key services, “Cloudistics Ignite platform allows me to align my most talented resources on delivering innovative, practical, and reliable solutions for our constituents, while minimizing the time and expertise in hardware infrastructure management.”

And our results prove that we’re delivering distinctive value.

Today we’re announcing that we experienced explosive growth in Q1, including a more than 150 percent increase in Q1 2018 bookings compared to Q1 2017 and an increase of 80 percent in average deal size. Our satisfied customers span organizations in both the private and public sectors, including: education, finance, manufacturing, medical, resellers, and managed service providers.

We’re also announcing that we added seventy new partners; doubling our partner community. In fact, the CRN 2018 Partner Program Guide gave us a five star rating, recognizing Cloudistics in an elite subset of companies that offer the best partnering elements in their channel programs.

Our platform was selected as one of the 10 Hot Storage Companies to Watch, according to Network World (though we do a lot more than storage).

Our bookings for this past quarter were equal to the bookings we had for the entire previous 12 months! Customers are gravitating to the Premium Experience the Cloudistics Ignite cloud software platform delivers. And we are expecting this next quarter to increase bookings 2X.

This past quarter we welcomed multiple companies into the Cloudistics family, including:

HaystackID – Computer Forensics & eDiscovery Experts, a specialized eDiscovery services firm that helps corporations and law firms find, listen, and learn from data when they face complex, data-intensive investigations and litigation.

HC Technologies, LLC (formerly known as Henning-Carey Proprietary Trading, LLC), an algorithmic proprietary trading firm principally located in Chicago. Imagine Software is the leading provider of real-time portfolio, risk management and regulatory solutions for financial services firms worldwide.,

Capital Investments (CAE), a leading trading and investment platform for the world’s capital asset markets. We are seeing our early adopter customers like Howard Hughes Medical Institute, begin to expand and upgrade their initial purchases.

And finally, we’re celebrating our successful launch in EMEA, giving our multinational customers and channel partners new opportunities to benefit from the disruptive efficiency, agility, and simplicity we deliver every day. UK-based Ross & Liddell joined the family this past quarter to help them better manage properties for the benefit of a range of people: tenants, landlords, developers and owner-occupiers.

Maybe all this success is why 451 Research said, “As enterprises increasingly optimize specific workloads from the public cloud to the private cloud, they seek innovation in the data transformation space. Cloudistics Ignite makes the challenge of cloud repatriation easier with its scalable cloud-in-a-box solution that provides that public cloud experience behind an enterprise’s own firewall.”

So here we are—2 years into a successful startup, delivering successful experiences for successful organizations.

If you’re interested in a cloud experience that helps you succeed, explore our premium private cloud at I invite comments, feedback, questions and even skepticism because customer and industry engagement drive continued improvement of the premium experience we are dedicated to delivering.

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Cloudistics Stats Q1 2018

Naj Husain

CEO & Founder

Naj is an engineer and serial entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience building companies. Cloudistics is the first company he hasn’t written code for — yet.

Previously, he was founder and CEO of AppAssure Software, which became the world’s fastest growing storage software company according to Inc Magazine. AppAssure revenue grew 2.4x compounded annually from inception until Dell acquired it in 2012. Prior to AppAssure, Naj was founder and CEO of WQuinn Associates, a storage management system, which was acquired by Precise Software (PRSE) and subsequently acquired by Veritas Software (VRTS) in 2003. Naj is also an venture investor in many enterprise companies, including Solarwinds (IPO), Network Intelligence (acquired by RSA), Dynatrace (acquired by CA) and SevOne.

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