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A New Path To A Successful Cloud: Cloudistics And Lenovo

Announcing a New Path to A Successful Cloud: Cloudistics and Lenovo

Not all that long ago, everyone in IT thought that virtualization would be the key to unlocking unprecedented efficiency and better business outcomes.

And for a time, virtualization delivered on its promises. But then as we encountered the limits of virtualization, we wanted and needed more.

Our needs pushed organizations toward a set of tools that some called the private cloud. It seemed like the perfect path to greater efficiency and value. But in reality, it’s often hard to implement and even more difficult to maintain.

So public cloud emerged as the saving grace that promised simplicity and agility. And there’s no question that public cloud met those promises, but it too has its limits, compromising your control over shadow IT, data protection and cost containment.

Years ago, our organization wanted to choose a new testing and development platform, so we tried these technologies — public cloud, private cloud, even virtualization — and found all of them failed to enable our people to succeed. Each expected us to spend unacceptable time and energy and money on maintaining our infrastructure. Our journey to find the right infrastructure technology left us disappointed and disillusioned.

Then we realized something.

We were sophisticated technologists running a software development business. We were the kind of organization that had the know-how and people we’d need to succeed, but we were still discouraged by the limits and trade-offs of existing approaches. How could other organizations that were less technically inclined be satisfied with their choices?

We weren’t the only organization that went on this journey. We weren’t the only organization that discovered the limits of all the existing technologies. We weren’t the only organization that encountered the limits of the status quo and wanted something better.

We weren’t asking for much. All we wanted was a platform that enabled people, and organizations, to enable success without complexity, compromise, or cost overruns. So we asked ourselves a few questions:

  • What if we chose a software defined platform that was built from the ground up to democratize the datacenter—it didn’t require specialists and was built for anyone to use?
  • What if we chose a platform that balanced public cloud-like simplicity and workload optimization with superior control?
  • What if we chose a platform that offered a premium experience, premium value, and premium outcomes?

There was just one problem. That platform didn’t exist.

So we built it.

Since 2013, Cloudistics has exceeded the promises of the IT status quo — public cloud, private cloud, or virtualization — by delivering a private cloud with a premium experience. Our aim is to break the barriers to cloud adoption with a private cloud that unlocks the power of your people.

And today, we’re here to break those barriers in a whole new way.

We’re announcing a new partnership with Lenovo to deliver the Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series, a full-fledged Cloudistics experience on Lenovo hardware. This new all-in-one, turnkey, composable private cloud platform can accelerate your service delivery without the challenges of conventional approaches. As a superior private cloud with unprecedented value, the ThinkAgile CP Series can help organizations like yours escape the limits of traditional datacenter IT or hyperconverged systems.

We partnered with Lenovo because, unlike many do-it-yourself vendors that expect you to cobble together an infrastructure, Lenovo understands the value of giving you control of your IT with integrated, engineered solutions that offer greater simplicity and optimization. In a world that’s moving toward no ops and serverless computing, operational simplicity is becoming a critical business requirement. Without it, your staff lack the agility and efficiency needed to deliver compelling value. And your business outcomes are restricted and delayed by legacy technologies.

Here’s a video of Naj Husein, CEO of Cloudistics, and Kirk Skaugen, EVP and President of Lenovo’s Data Center Group, talking about the partnership.

Instead of the confined old days of datacenter IT, imagine a world where you can, for the first time, discover what a premium experience looks like. With the Lenovo ThinkAgile CP, you can:

  • Have your datacenter infrastructure built by Lenovo and Cloudistics.
  • See your private cloud rolled into your data center, plugged in, and it’s ready to go.
  • Have it immediately support your applications through a built-in Application Marketplace.
  • Give administrators, developers, tenants and end-users self-service access to resources in seconds.
  • Leverage proactive hardware and software support at your fingertips, by click, email, or phone.
  • Trust your infrastructure management to an IT generalist instead of a team of specialists.

Simple. Agile. Transformative. All of those qualities are yours for the choosing with ThinkAgile CP. We’re excited to work with Lenovo to extend their ability to serve their customers, and we’re ready to prove the value of Cloudistics for organizations that need to digitally transform, repatriate workloads from the public cloud, or deliver new capabilities as a service to their customers.

To learn more about our partnership with Lenovo and how it democratizes the data center, explore our announcement.

Naj Husain

CEO & Founder

Naj is an engineer and serial entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience building companies. Cloudistics is the first company he hasn’t written code for — yet.

Previously, he was founder and CEO of AppAssure Software, which became the world’s fastest growing storage software company according to Inc Magazine. AppAssure revenue grew 2.4x compounded annually from inception until Dell acquired it in 2012. Prior to AppAssure, Naj was founder and CEO of WQuinn Associates, a storage management system, which was acquired by Precise Software (PRSE) and subsequently acquired by Veritas Software (VRTS) in 2003. Naj is also an venture investor in many enterprise companies, including Solarwinds (IPO), Network Intelligence (acquired by RSA), Dynatrace (acquired by CA) and SevOne.

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