Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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Are you tired of keeping the lights on?

Legacy data center and DIY cloud is difficult. You need to employ specialists, manage multiple vendors, maintain hardware, and fix problems with third party add-ons while juggling support issues. Cloudistics looked at every aspect of legacy platforms and took a visionary approach. We deliver radical simplicity with a platform that an IT generalist can run.

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Deploy applications in minutes with ease

Historically, IT service provisioning was siloed into complex steps and teams. Let’s change that. The Cloudistics Cloud Platform gives the IT generalist point and click application deployment while hardware is composed in the background, even enabling disaster recovery is a click away. No training or certifications needed.


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Key Feature 1:
All-Inclusive Platform

  • Integrated hardware & software
  • Reduce complexity –single management interface
  • Built in security, analytics, migration, backup and disaster recovery
  • Native Self-service and multitenant
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Key Feature 2:
Premium Experience

  • White glove sizing, deployment & knowledge transfer
  • All features included, no optional add-ons
  • Game changing EarlyInsight Support
  • No cost for future platform enhancements
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Key Feature 3:
Application Marketplace

  • Ready to deploy, curated enterprise applications
  • Deploy complex applications in seconds
  • Reduce risk and errors with tuned and secured images
  • Enable secure self-service provisioning for administrators & users
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Key Feature 4:
Operational Efficiencies

  • Customers experience a 40%+ reduction in specialist & training costs
  • Typical operational tasks take seconds
  • No hypervisor tax or add-on feature costs
  • No multivendor support contracts or finger pointing

“Cloudistics fundamentally changed the way we deliver IT resources to our organization which positively affected my hiring profile for future staff. I could focus on higher value hiring versus hiring to keep the light on and managing hardware.”

“The knowledge transfer (to learn Cloudistics) took 1 hour, the result was we had time to focus on being innovative and spend less time managing our platform.”

“Cloudistics natively includes features and benefits (migration, analytics, self-service) that were add-ons with the competition, this increased functional use and value tremendously.”



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