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The 5 Myths VMware Needs You To Believe

Declare Your Independence from VMware. VEXIT Now!

When you first started your journey from legacy IT to virtualization—and perhaps VMware to public cloud—you were probably satisfied with the adoption and consumption experience. After all, it is as easy to adopt and consume as a social media account. Buy software, pay for licenses, buy a pre-built VMware appliance or use their public cloud, and VMware will implement and deploy it for you (or at least support you along the way). Especially if you pay them even more money to become VMware-certified.

However, once you are signed-up and begin using VMware tools for orchestration and optimization operations, it becomes immediately apparent that there is specific discipline and tribal knowledge required. VMware is a doctrine all its own—operation, maintenance, support, security, and the cluster dependent overhead can become burdensome. It isn’t that VMware is bad, in fact, it is very good technology. The problem is that VMware would have you believe that a better way doesn’t exist so your only option is to be virtually chained to them. They want you to believe the myth that even if a less expensive option did exist it certainly couldn’t measure up to VMware or provide a premium experience — especially if it was Open-Source based. But that’s not even half the story. We’ve uncovered at least 5 myths about VMware during our own journey from virtualization to private cloud.

These are 5 Myths VMware Wants You to Believe:

Myth #1 — VMware is the Best Path to Virtualization and Cloud

Myth #2 — Open-Source Based Cloud is Too Complex

Myth #3 — VMware Provides the Best Provisioning and Deployment Experience

Myth #4 — VMware VIO Clustered Solution Provides the Best Cloud Scale

Myth #5 — VMware Upgrades Are Necessary for Digital Transformation

As stated, we encountered these same 5 myths during our own multi-year journey from virtualization to Open-Source based private cloud. Busting these 5 myths doesn’t have to be a multi-year journey for you, like it was for us. Just remember that there is no need to make a binary choice, or only choose a path that requires VMware.

What about Myth #1? The truth is that VMware is not the best path first, last and always and you can have both virtualization and cloud environments using the same platform. Learn more about it in our blog post: “Virtualization or Private Cloud? Do You Really Have to Choose?”

As for Myth #2, well VMware fanboys who spend most of their day drowning in VMware management discipline will have you believe that Open-Source based private cloud is a DIY science project that requires a PhD and a team of mad scientists to bring to life. To them, Open-Source private cloud is just too complex, so they use VMware virtualization, VMware public cloud or VMware Open-Stack VIO instead. The reality is that VMware itself will drive you mad due to its complex cluster dependent constraints and monstrous licensing overhead. Your journey to VEXIT can begin by discovering where you are on your own cloud journey by reading the 451 Report: “The cloud transformation journey: Great expectations lead to a brave new world”

When it comes to Myth #3, VMware would have you believe that using their management and orchestration constructs allow you to provision resources and deploy applications at will. The problem is that you need to first understand their world view of proprietary architecture, provisioning, app volumes, app flow, environment management, application stacks, deployment procedures, and you probably should be an active member in and follow their many different dedicated communities too.

Getting beat up by the business while reading about VMware requirements for provisioning and application deployments is not a skill called out on many resumes. When you need to accelerate time-to-market, and time-to-value, dependency on legacy IT and one size fits all virtualization of VMware cannot achieve the results Cloudistics can. See how easy it is to launch applications in under 5 minutes in this quick video:  5 Minute Enterprise Applications, the Cloudistics Way.

Myth #4 dictates that a VMware VIO clustered solution provides the best cloud scale, but does it really? VMware VIO and related architectures require clustered scaling which ties you to their upgrade constructs based on multiples of four. This makes it impossible for you to choose what is best for your network, storage and compute needs, not to mention your budget. VMware chains you to their constructs because they are focused on selling more licenses, while ignoring the benefits you need and the premium experience you want.

According to research from McKinsey, 87% of executives are unhappy with IT’s ability to introduce new technology and accelerate time-to-value. If you need to change this perception in your organization, download the whitepaper, “Next Generation Clusterless Federation Design in the Cloudistics Cloud Platform“, written by Chief Scientist, Dr. Jai Menon and see for yourself that there is indeed a way to achieve cloud scaling, on your terms.

Finally, let’s bust Myth #5 that says VMware upgrades are necessary for digital transformation.

According to a recent IDC 2018 report, Digital Transformation (DX) is a “full-fledged, world-wide IT phenomenon that’s accelerating rapidly.” If you’re still using vSphere 5.5, you may feel that you have no choice but to move to vSphere 6.0 or 6.5 to maintain an agile development environment. If you use VMware, of course that is true, but it isn’t really the best choice first, last and always.

The truth is you do have a choice!

Cloudistics is a software-defined platform that uses Open-Source technology with limitless independent scaling. It is simple to implement, deploy, operate, maintain and support. It uses an open API which can be managed by anyone with a working knowledge of vSphere. Best of all, there are no recurring license fees for the KVM hypervisor, so you don’t have to pay extra for features such as support for Kubernetes, resizing, high availability and storage volume deletion.

Why not become more agile and embrace virtualization and Open-Source based cloud on your terms? Cloudistics Cloud Platform is ideal for digital transformation, it frees you from the tranny of hypervisor taxes and provides proactive non-disruptive updates, so you are always within support compliance.

The Cloudistics Cloud Platform is purpose-built to deliver an end-to-end software-defined infrastructure (SDI) with a premium implementation, deployment, operations, management and support experience. The platform is extensible and powerful enough to operate free of any hardware-specific dependencies, making it easy to accelerate your business initiatives by supporting improved application and service delivery.

Cloudistics is a composable, software defined, secure, elastic, independently scalable “customer inspired cloud” specifically designed to enable digital transformation easily. I’m inviting you to experience a live demonstration with one of our systems engineers.

Cloudistics Highlights:

  • True virtual overlay networking functionality: No VxLANs, Port Mapping or Virtual Switching required
  • Application Marketplace: Quickly deploy the latest technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Splunk by pulling down validated templates from an on-line marketplace
  • Multi-tenant cloud: Dev/Test and Production can securely reside on the same environment, making for faster builds and more reliable deployments.
  • Built-in security: Features such as micro-segmentation for individual application security profiles, encryption at rest and in-flight, all within in a PEN tested environment
  • Integrated backup and disaster recovery: Create snapshots or clones every fifteen minutes for instant image recovery; replicate to another site for business continuity
  • Built-in hypervisor with timely, consistent updates: No need to pay license fees every time a new feature is released.
  • Cloud-based SaaS controller: Built in orchestration and single-pane-of-glass management console.

If you’ve been disillusioned with the VMware virtualization, private cloud appliances and their public cloud, it is time to ignore the Myths and declare your independence from VMware and VEXIT now!

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Dan Mroz

VP of Worldwide Marketing

Over the past 20 years, Dan has had the opportunity to hold several diverse positions within the IT industry. Prior to joining Cloudistics, he was part of an incubation team at Lenovo, which launched new hyper-converged products. He developed channel and enablement strategies while contributing to marketing and messaging efforts. Prior to Lenovo, Dan held positions in sales and engineering at Dell-EMC. Dan was engineer of the year in 2012 and 2014.

Dan has held IT leadership and instructor positions at the Pennsylvania State University where he led technology strategy, instructional design, and numerous strategic projects.

Dan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and co-founded a web development, hosting, and consulting company. He has led marketing, recruitment, and IT operations of multiple organizations in the healthcare, technology, and financial segments.

Dan earned two undergraduate degrees from the Pennsylvania College of Technology and his MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

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