On-premises cloud infrastructure for
virtual applications and containers


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Software-defined Simplicity

Software-defined networking, storage, compute, and virtualization converged into every box.

The most efficient cloud.

Our decoupled scaling architecture allows you to independently scale on-demand, adding compute, storage, or network capacity as needed.

Scale-up-and-out as simply as the public cloud—all for 90% lower cost.

The easiest cloud.

An anywhere, anytime, secure SaaS portal enables complete control of your infrastructure resources through a single pane-of-glass and provides system-wide, real-time analytics.

Deploy Windows, Linux, and Docker container images in minutes.

The fastest cloud.

Ignite’s patent-pending virtual networking and storage technologies deliver line-speed virtual networks and all-flash elastic block storage.

Run your applications 5x faster than traditional converged infrastructures with our storage and networking technology.

The most secure cloud.

Each application and containers are secured in a virtual network with built-in firewalls and micro-services.

Deliver applications and containers with built-in security and micro-segmentation without additional software licenses.

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Fast Track Deployment of Applications and Containers

Run Ignite side-by-side with your existing infrastructure: just add power,a network connection and your cloud is up.

Deploy any application or container in minutes without complicated configuration and installations.

Launch applications from Ignite’s marketplace, or import them from VMware, Hyper-V or the Docker Registry.

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