Cloudistics entered into a strategic partnership with Fungible. The Cloudistics development team is working jointly with Fungible on software to drive the next generation of composable infrastructure. A few members of our team have joined Fungible directly, this will ensure synergy and create leadership integrated offerings.

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A Private Cloud With a Premium Experience

An all-inclusive, pre-architected private cloud, installed in one day. Gain the simplicity and efficiencies of the public cloud, on-premises with exceptional support, data security, and a marketplace of applications that can be deployed in minutes.

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Learn how cloud creates an IT skills gap, the size of your gap, and how to leverage cloud to minimize it.


See why organizations like yours are considering a VEXIT to escape the costs of legacy virtualization.


See how you can deliver a premium experience to administrators, developers, tenants and end-users.

Why Choose Cloudistics?

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Radically Fast Application Deployment & Hardware Scaling:

Deliver self-service applications from the Application Marketplace in 30 seconds.

  • From loading dock to private cloud in under 6 hours
  • Incremental hardware expansions available to applications in seconds
  • Transform IT service delivery to unlock better business outcomes
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No Hardware Management

Built to take hardware management away from your team, cutting operational overhead to almost zero.

  • Composable & software-defined platform delivers hardware resources on demand
  • Automates mundane firmware & driver updates
  • Minimize downtime, disruption & risk from human error
  • Free personnel and budget to drive innovation
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EarlyInsight Proactive Support, Maintenance & Updates

A support experience you never thought was possible. Proactively solve problems in moments.

  • All-inclusive support for all elements of the platform
  • Integrated hardware/software proactive diagnostics and trouble ticket creation
  • Built-in access to system engineers in seconds through the management interface
  • User-initiated remote assist feature, delivering effective assistance rapidly
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A Cloud for IT Generalists

No specialist knowledge, certifications, or ongoing training courses needed. Learn to monitor, manage, and maintain the platform in an hour.

  • Streamlined management experience with all-inclusive features
  • No traditional storage or virtualization expertise needed
  • No complex licensing or system design requirements
  • Customers experience a 40%+ reduction in specialist & training costs
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A Platform Created With Service Providers in Mind.

Cloudistics Cloud Platform is optimized for any service-oriented organization. Beyond schools, universities, public institutions, and typical businesses, we help managed or application service providers to build cloud services for their clients on Cloudistics.

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Cloudistics for Managed Service Providers

“You make migrating my VMs easy (with a free tool), enough said!”

IT Director—Leading Healthcare Research Institute

“Once I had my hands on the Cloudistics product, the fact that I was being handed a platform as an appliance made me recognize that my vision could be realized. It was simple to use, scale, and with amazing operational efficiencies that resulted in a reduced TCO and a better than expected ROI. I had recently built a VMware based system for a client, and afterwards I was building a Cloudistics solution for a different client without all the hassle and add-ons, one that compared apples-to-apples with the previous solution, for less than half the price in addition to the operational savings.”

Joseph Funaro, CEO

“Cloudistics solves a lot of problems for our customers by delivering a high-performance, extremely easy-to-use, independently scalable platform; perfect for running enterprise applications, or as an on-premises public cloud alternative. All this in a small plug-and-play footprint—very impressive.”

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