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A private cloud with a premium experience

An all-inclusive, pre-architected private cloud, installed in one day. Gain the simplicity and efficiencies of the public cloud, on-premises with exceptional support, data security, and a marketplace of applications that can be deployed in minutes.

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A full-fledged Cloudistics experience on Lenovo hardware. Own your cloud experience.


See why IDC and 451 Research Analysts are talking about CDI—an exciting new approach to IT Infrastructure.

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Four Unique Benefits

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Rapid Application Deployment and Scaling:

With Cloudistics, you can deploy your applications in 5 minutes or less.

  • Built-in Application Marketplace for self-service provisioning
  • Automated allocation to spin up new resources in seconds
  • Instantly provide self-service capabilities to teams or departments
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No Hardware Management

Built to minimize hardware management, cutting administrative overhead.

  • Composable cloud aggregates hardware resources on the fly
  • Servers, storage, and networking all software defined
  • Managed and controlled from a single web cloud controller
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EarlyInsight Premium Support

Cloudistics proactively addresses problems instead of waiting for your call or  in a support queue.

  • Integrated hardware/software diagnostics and trouble ticket creation
  • Built-in access to system engineers in seconds through the management interface
  • User-initiated remote assistance enables rapid technical assistance
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Built for IT Generalists

Designed to deliver a cloud an IT generalist would love for reduced operational costs.

  • One management console for all features
  • No traditional storage, networking, or virtualization expertise needed
  • No complex licensing or system design requirements
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“The first true software defined infrastructure.”

“Turn-key solution for rapid delivery of applications.”

“It’s the most disruptive product I’ve seen in 30 years.”

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