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Manage Applications, not Infrastructure, with Cloudistics On-Premises Cloud

Enterprises use Cloudistics on-premises cloud platform to achieve the same simplicity of the public cloud for on-premises applications. Cloudistics integrates hardware, virtualization software, and management software into a single platform.

Compute, network, and storage resources are all software-defined and centrally managed from the web. You no longer need to design clusters, architect volumes, upgrade control software, or manage the hardware. Cloudistics delivers performance faster than a bare metal for your critical on-premise applications.

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What makes Cloudistics On-Premises Cloud Different?

Scalable, modular hardware

With Cloudistics, network, storage, compute resources, and cloud controller have been engineered to create a cohesive on-premises cloud that can be deployed in a fraction of the time and at a third of the cost of the public cloud.

Deploy your application workloads in minutes and Cloudistics will deploy the optimal resources needed to ensure best performance. All resources scale independently and painlessly as your applications grow.

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Powerful cloud management

The Cloudistics cloud controller, Ignite, is a free, cloud-based management controller that helps you build, deploy and manage your cloud across multiple locations, all from a single pane of glass.

With Ignite, you can create multiple virtual datacenters, control resources for individual applications and users, manage the hardware, deploy and secure applications with micro-segmentation, monitor application health
and much more…

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Ultra-low total cost of ownership

Cloudistics is a third of the cost of public cloud and hyperconverged solutions. The software and hardware are designed to fit the tightest budgets while providing enterprise-grade infrastructure, with cloud management that is 100% free, proving how affordable and simple cloud-managed infrastructures can be.

Everything is included, all software and all hardware to run your cloud – just add your applications and go.

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High performance virtualization.

Cloudistics is built on all flash storage, high performance virtual networking and virtual block storage and the latest enterprise grade blade technology, delivering 5x application performance advantage over traditional converged and hyperconverged solutions.

Optimal application performance is delivered with built-in controls that throttle and scale resources on demand.

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Discover a smarter, simpler way to bring the cloud in-house.

We help IT service providers, integrators and application owners deploy an on-premises cloud easier, faster and at a lower total cost.